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Pre-snap motion... HOW?

How do i send a player in motion before the snap? I looked under game controls > pre-snap and it says to hold the left stick... right or left. But nowhere does it say how to select which player. I've tried and tried everything. In games... In practice. What am I doing wrong? Never had this problem on 360...ps2...original Xbox..ps1...dreamcast... Saturn... Genesis. When I hold the right trigger and press the button for any receiver... Nothing. Tried holding it down... Nothing tried ever button combo under the sun. My next delay of game penalty is gonna have me in the parking lot. 4th and a hot dog.

I use motion 70-80% of the time to get a pre-snap read on the defense. I use a custom playbook so that I can trim the fat (all the hundreds of repeat plays, gadget plays, bubble screens and whatnot) usually down to 5 sets (ace 2wr and 3wr, I-form, shotgun 3wr and 4 WR) for the sole purpose of being able to quickly find the play I want do I have time to send someone in motion.

Can anyone helpe figure this one thing out? Otherwise this is an awesome game.. Most realistic ever. But I find it unplayable without at least some form of pre-snap motion.



  • Nevermind. Decided to check on YouTube. Took about 5 seconds to find a how to video. I got it now. I thought by switching players I would have to then switch back pre-snap or be locked on.

    That said... Man is this game awesome?
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