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THREE YEARS and EA STILL does NOTHING to fix this

For 3 years in a row now EA STILL CAN’T fix this. If you’re playing online head to head as the Giants, you’re the home team, and choose the Color Rush uniforms, BOTH TEAMS ARE WEARING WHITE JERSEYS. We always end up quitting. 3 YEARS of this. Is there any real quality control?? EA misses this every year?? Fix this, it’s simple, Or at least make it an option that the Giants can wear their white color rush jersey on the road so you don’t have this problem. There are always new features and updates from year to year but can you throw a bone to online head to head for once??? How about giving us the option to mix and match whatever the hell we want and customize the uniforms for online play??


  • Just a follow up, after three years and this most recent update EA changed it so the giants will wear their color rush on the road and NO MORE white v white games. Great job EA and kudos if anyone is paying attention to this board and finally fixed this.
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