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I've been editing/creating rosters in madden since ive had the ability to edit rosters. I love the NFL! I love its iconography, I love its pageantry; I love how every player transaction, every dollar figure, every misfortune or mishap play directly into each teams chances to join the pantheon of NFL greats. In short Rosters & Roster Transactions in general matter now more than ever in this modern NFL game.

Over the years I have spent more time doing roster adjustments and edits than I have playing the game in Madden 18 I think I had around 200 hrs played (mainly in edits) I believe im helping people find the love I have for the game by helping them achieve another level of immersion. Heres a simple list of things I would love to see implemented for rister editors like myself.

*90 man rosters in offseason (I feel this speaks for itself, this is just realistic)


Roster Minimums:
-Please make a couple global adjustments; all teams carry 2 QB Minimum not 3, DTS carry 2 DT MIN not 3, 1 OL MIN not 2. (This would make trans much easier)

Edit Injuries:
-Have the ability to edit injury / injury length in all roster formats especially menu rosters.

Player Edits:
-Have the ability to edit Birthdate, handedness, contract info from The Menu rosters. (Currently we can not edit these in menu rosters)

-Ability to edit traits from roster menus that are currently missing (Player development, Throw tight spiral, bull rush, possession CTH.

Player Creation:
-Ability to edit all create a player attributes from menu rosters, currently it allows for position attributes in menu. but not the full list of player attributes.

-Ability to edit how many years pro for created players

::CFM Rosters::

Contract, attribute, school slider speed should be much quicker it takes way to long to adjust these, contracts especially!

Ability to edit all 32 teams edits, cuts, trades all from one coach screen.

::Draft Class Rosters::
- Make editing DCs accessible in the Creation or Roster tab in the main menu (too confusing for people with it buried deep in CFM)

I really hope this is all doable, thank you kindly for your time.
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