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Madden NFL 20 - Gridiron Notes: October Title update

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Feedback: Slant routes are broken. I propose a fix.

Slants are broken. They work against almost any defensive adjustment. They work great against man coverage, partially as intended. They work great against zone coverage, because the route continues across the entire field. And that's the main problem.

Slants are supposed to beat man coverage, but not as well as they currently do where the defender (even the best defenders) just stand there as if they've never seen such a great route before. This allows all receivers to get open and accelerate across the field making an easy reliable target for players in most formations, but even worse in the over used bunch sets that are difficult enough to defend without the extra bugs.

What I suggest as a quick and clean solution is this, make any receiver running a slant stop their route at the next hook zone and wait for a pass. This would be easy to defend with both man and zone after the initial jump off the ball. Just put a defender into that book zone area. It would also maintain the original purpose of the slant, beating man coverage, and tight zone coverage at the line of scrimmage.

If this change is implemented, I believe it would help balance competitive play by keeping slant routes very useful without being overpowered. It also seems like something that may be relatively easy to develop.

Please consider. My defense would greatly appreciate having a balanced way to contain and defend against this basic route.


  • Sure it would help the game but in real life how many times have you seen a reciever stop their slant? Never.
  • How about having the computer defenders knock them off their slant routes
  • Sure it would help the game but in real life how many times have you seen a reciever stop their slant? Never.

    The number of things that happen in this game that don't happen in real life (For example, defenders being unable to cover slant routes) is infinite. Creating a balanced simulation of real life seems much more important to me. Especially in the short term.

    The alternative would be to have broken gameplay that allows players to throw slants on every play. How often does that happen in real life?
  • I've rarely had time to get the slanting WR past the middle of the field before the opposing pass rush will get home to the QB.

    Rarely do I have more than 4 seconds in the pocket. That's real to me.
  • Why don’t you user a lb or just pick a play like cover 2 I wish somebody would try to slant me consistently
  • No.

    Madden fix your broken game. Fix your zone coverages.
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