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NEW roster update messed up ratings

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So I log on today to Madden 19 because I knew the update was out last night. I go to my team the Chicago Bears to see Khalil Mack on the squad so I can play with him in the Online Mode. Which is trash by the way because EA doesn't want to add penalties. Thats another story. I look at the player ratings. Khalil Mack is rated a 98 overall right? Wrong§ Somehow Madden updated the rosters and lowered Khalil Mack to a 95. How and why did his stats change? He did nothing, Leveon Bell has not played either but his rating is still the same. Please explain if this was a mistake. I believe that Myself and Madden has reached an end point. It maybe time for me to not buy it anymore. Its alot of greatness left on the table. From gameplay issues like Screen plays where your running back runs into the Offensive Line and gets stuck everytime. To no penalties in Online Play? I need answers, @EA_Roger or @NatureBoy2323 somebody. Once I trade it in, there will be NO more purchases from ME. 2K is banned. I Love Live 19 because the effort is there. Madden tho naww fam. Please answer this.
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  • The lower overall is most likely due to the switch from 4-3 DE to 3-4 OLB. Check his other ratings... I'm guessing (have not checked) that they all stayed the same. The lower overall probably has to do with LB overall rating being more heavily affected by things like zone coverage and man coverage.

    Fear not Amigo... He's still a beast. Plus, apparently...for now anyways... You get to keep the King's ransom of draft picks your real Bears gave up for him
  • Thank you for updating the Bears roster to include Mack. My questions is why did he go from a 98 overall rating on the Raiders to a 95 rating on the Bears? How do you justify the loss of rating going to another team? I think he should still be a 98 or even a 99 because he went to a better defense. Just my thoughts.
  • You guys do understand "overall" rating doesn't matter right? Mack has the same exact ratings still. He just got switched from DE to LB and the "Overall" is measured differently but he has the same exact stats. Stop the over-reaction. He's exactly the same.
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