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No more overdrive

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edited September 2018
Sorry EA, overdrive is just garbage. Grinding for days to get to HOF and get my rank for an 86 Boyd then try to meet the daily garbage requirements of change schemes and nothing but fails due to the matchmaking nonsense and now no Boyd. Not going to be playing the overdrive anymore. I’ll just stick with helping my league until the rest of the quit...we were 32 strong, but now down to 16 due to the frustrations of this years format. I’ve been a solid spender as has most of my league, but that revenue is now gone...so what for you guys, but money is money

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  • I have been playing Madden Mobile for years. This Overdrive app needs a serious repair; it is by far the most stressful and the most frustrating Madden Mobile game to date. Plain and simple; no matter how skilled the wider receivers and the tight ends are, they are NOT CATCHING THE BALL! The quarterback stays dormant in the pocket and never scrambles! Some of these events are too glitchy when it comes to playing against the computer! Leagues Events should not be a part of a Daily Event! How is it that I have a 77OVR Team and getting destroyed easily by a 65OVR TEAM?!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!
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