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+2 ovr advantage in Overdrive = lose by 600+ points

I understand there's an algorithm that makes you play a little less than what your team's capability is when facing a not-so-good opponent (or you're on a win streak) but in my experience the last few days every time I run into an opponent that I have a plus 2 ovr Advantage on they demolish me. My blockers suddenly can't block, receivers can't catch, I get pressures like run for TD when I'm 15 yards out, complete a "short" pass 13+ yards, run for 5+ yards (when I'm inside the 4 yard line) or my favorite, complete a PA pass x yards and before the QB sets his feet he's tackled.

It feels like I'm being punished by EA for spending money on their game to improve my experience.

I'm a part of 3 other Madden forums and this seems to be a consistent trend in how people who pay for the game are seeing game play unfold.

What can be done to limit EA's abrupt algorithm to at least make it less noticeable?


  • Just won 2 games in a row. Next opponent is the dreaded I HAVE A +3 OVR ADVANTAGE, so of course I get 5 or 6 drops (normally 0, 1 or 2), when I run the ball the defense is in the backfield for negative losses on me and I lose 1600 to 550.

    Really EA? Why do you punish me for spending money on your game?
  • Oh and to make that last loss burn a little more my opponent ONLY RAN HAIL MARY AGAINST ME. So there's that too.
  • This issue has consistently continued. If no OVR advantage I win or don't win 50/50. If I'm at a OVR disadvantage I likely win. When I have an OVR advantage I almost always lose.

    EA fix you @#&*! I'm not paying money for a defense that is DRAMATICALLY better than the offense I'm playing against to end up with ZERO defensive points and losing every match I'm stronger in. This is getting **** ridiculous!
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