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I Like Madden 19

So ladies and gentlemen, this is by far the best Madden when it comes to things to do. I love the Power Up options, the chem setup is great (makes every team unique). Solo Battles are hard but it’s a great idea and good rewards. Weekend League, well it’s hell with the cheesers but hey, the rewards are good. Packs are ok, but the prices really need to go down (will never happen).

That being said, here is the huge but… But this game has more bugs than an open field in Wyoming! AI is bad, menu settings are broke, speed ratings do not matter in the game (Tyreek Hill run down by Clay Mathews?). There are a lot of things that need to be fixed but I do like the game. EA team, let’s get this fixed please, you have a lot of frustrated, loyal gamers. #WeAreMadden
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