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Team of the Week Bundle.

I just spent £15 on buying a 'Team of the Week' bundle to fill out the remaining spots for the TOTW Terell Suggs, but none of the players are eligible for that set...

What gives?


  • Because its Week 1 and Suggs was a preseason totw. You will have to find the remaining Preseason totw players for your Suggs set on the auction block.

    These types of stipulations should be made more clear. The only place that it states anything about expiration is in the totw solo challenges. Even then it is pretty vague. It should state in the store that the totw bundle or pack, is only pertinent to the current totw release.
  • Really? Wow!

    So not only will I have to rely on over-inflated prices for cards that people need for the previous TOTW Tyreek Hill, but the cards I got in the pack I bought are only useful for this weeks TOTW players?

    I don't even want this weeks players.

    I guess my best bet is just auctioning all my TOTW players, although I bet they're NAT 'cos they were bought in a pack.

    I guess there's no point in contacting EA either as no doubt they expect a noob to know everything about MUT.

    Bah! I really wanted that card as well as my current Suggs is starting to struggle whereas before, he was swimming and spinning right through the offensive line.

    So do the Ultimate Team collection have an expiry date as well? I was hoping to get Luke Keuchly, but at the moment, I'm still one card away from completing the first OVR 90 set.

    How on earth do people get all these cards within a week?
  • I think the sets remain open for the life of 19. Just the solo challenges and packs with Kickoff players will become unavailable after 9/21. After that, people will have to find UK players in auctions.

    There will be several of these types of 'programs' throughout the year. They are all difficult to complete without spending ALL of your gaming time or worse yet, your hard earned money, on those particular packs and solos....and even then, there is no guarantees.

    The real bogus part of all of that, is that better OVR rated players will continue to be released as time passes. If its like 18, all the highest rated players will be released after the NFL season is over. Then the market will flood with 96-99 OVR players.

    For example, I completed the preseason TOTW set to get an 89 OVR Tyreek Hill. That card is all of the sudden required to max out his Power Up card. Meanwhile, Tyreek has the best week 1 performance in real life, and then Madden syndicate releases a 90 OVR Emmanuel Sanders. Shady stuff.
  • This is part of what's winding me up... to upgrade cards further, you have to have such-and-such card from such-and-such Program. I can't keep up. I'm not good enough and I won't be for a long time because I'm a total noob to Madden and NFL (I know the basics, that's it), and, I'm not rich enough to spend even £15 a week on buying packs of random garbage.

    I really enjoyed playing MUT for the first two or three weeks, but then I started losing really hard all the time.

    What should I do? Should I just auction off all my TOTW players as I'm never going to complete a set? Should I do the same with Ultimate Team one's as well as it looks like I'll never get any of them completed before 21st September (not sure why that date is important).

    Am I just supposed to grind trophies and exchange them 40 at a time in the hope of getting an 86 card?

    I'm not sure if being in the UK limits the choices in the auction market, or opponents, but there seems to be very little of either

    I didn't expect an easy ride, and you mentioned how things will change at the end of the season, which is worrying because the NFL season is really short. So by the time I've got anything resembling a lvl88 squad, I'll be well below par and there'll be 96+OVR players everywhere.

    I enjoy playing the game, but feel really cheated at times; the game seems to 'know' just how much it can push me into playing one more challenge before clamming up and saying, 'That's your lot for the day. We can't have you earning rewards when you can pay cash for them'.

  • As the newer series are released, the auction prices will go down drastically for most cards....I applied my first 40 series trophies to the 86-87 player set and was awarded 86 Aquib Talib which is probably the slowest "Elite" CB in MUT. Looking at the auctions, a lot of other people got the same thing as I can see that there is an over-abundance of Aquib Talib on the market.

    So I'm just doing like I did last year, which is stack up my series trophies to QUICKSELL for coins when I need them. Those 40 trophies = 60,000 coins that can be better utilized in the auctions for a specific player. When its all said and done, those 86-87 players that are selling for 40-80,000 coins right now, will be selling for 5-20k coins down the road.

    I didn't get 18 until it had been out for like a month and a half. So, I spent most of last season 'below par'. Truth is, a lot of us that actually have lives and more important things to do with our money, will always be below par to the people that sink buku money and all of their free time into the game.

    Last year, a person could actually make and save up a decent amount of coins through playing solos. They apparently realized this and that's why a large number of solos yield less than 500 coins this year. I would just advise that if you are playing MUT Seasons, to not waste your time getting spanked by teams that have player that are rated way higher than yours. It's pointless and unless you know all of the little glitches and exploits that are built into the game, you won't stand a chance of winning.

    If you get a game and the other guy's top 3 are 92-91-91 and yours is still like 85-85-83, you are better off just taking the kickoff and then conceding the game. Especially since you are new to Madden. You will have more fun because you will have at least a chance at some success AND you will be able to learn more if you hold out for a matchup that is more even to your team. ...It will be more profitable for you to do it that way, than to spend 30 minutes getting beat down just to wind up with the same amount of coins that you will if you just concede from the get-go.

    I just now conceded a game because I was way outmatched. It may sound like crappy thing to do or way to be, but that's the way it is. Sometimes I'll give it a go, but once I know I'm beat, I get out and move on to the next game.

    Are you PS4, Xbox, or PC?

  • PC.

    I've actually had the game ask me if I wanted to quit a game because I'd obviously been matched with someone considerably better (well, cheesier) than myself.

    At the moment, I feel like an American trying to play a cricket game. I know the basics about hitting the ball, scoring runs and getting out, I'm just not sure how to play a leg-break on the back foot, even though there's only two in the slip cordon, but pressure for the guy at silly point. The seamers have been bowling a good length and line and I was getting plenty of boundaries on the cover drive, but now that the pitch is roughed up and the sun has come out, the reverse swing wasn't happening as we're getting into 50 overs, so the spinner is on at the Pavilion end. However, there's only 4 over's until Tea, so I don't know whether to try and sweep for four at square or fine leg, or just bat-pad them into the ground. There's likely an extended session as the light is good now that the sun is out. So whilst there's no swing, the seam is going to bite, I could face some chin music before the day is out. Should I dig in and let the number 5 dictate the pace, or maybe try and score some cheap runs at deep mid-wicket as the fielders start to tire...
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