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How Do I Increase My Team OVR?

How Do I Increase My Team OVR without buying MUT packs for cash or coin from gold farmers?

I've done most of the single player stuff and bought about £125 worth of MUT packs (it was my Birthday), but my team is stuck at around 86 OVR.

I tried doing stuff like TOTW and Ultimate Kickoff, as well as using the MUT points to buy Legends Packs etc..., but I seem to have hit a brick wall in the last two weeks. I've put a ton of cards into getting Tokens to exchange for Heavyweights etc..., but I'm now down to basically my team, unused Power Up cards (which I'm saving for if ever I need them) and a load of cards from different programs which I'm unable to complete without buying extra cards, or selling them on the AH to raise coins to buy them in the AH.

I've also hit a brick wall in some of the challenges; I don't seem to have players which can make sufficient yards or throw/catch a ball without it being incomplete or intercepted.

So, to get back to the point, I'd like to know which are the best programs on which to concentrate, and will certain programs (like Hall of Fame) return so I can continue to upgrade my single HoF player.

Non of this is made clear to noobs like myself who play games on the PC, so have never experienced MUT before.
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