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Solo Battles Issue and Rewards


  • svensen86 wrote: »
    can someone explain me how you get better than ULTIMATE Rewards on this Blitz battles? I won all 4 games, so ended up on ULTIMATE, how do you get more points out of it? I won 3 games without receiving any points, made interceptions and so on, so how do you make it to higher ranks??
    Please get back to the weekly challenge.

    Depends on the bonus like last night was passing TD's, if you got 4 in a game you got 6000 more points. So all madden for 20,000 gets you around 23,000 to 25,000 per game.

  • Discouraging... after all the solo battle outages and issues - just got booted ahead in Q4 with the ball - running out the clock and got an L. If you aren't 'live' playing someone, you should be able to resume a game - or at the very least not pickup an L.
  • I was playing the solo battles today, at the end of the 2nd game it said it would take 5 mins to process. Once it processed it showed up as a loss even though I won the game. So now I'm out 75,000 coins
  • Today my games never even loaded for solo blitz. So frustrated now, thanks.

    Gamertag: Kab Superchuke
  • Been Having this issue with Solo Battles for a While now! Logging in with Mystery Losses. Today I logged in with at least 6 losses! And the computer out right deciding I Was Not going to win some of my games! Including Shutting Me Out with a Straight up Garbage Team! This Need to be Fixed!
    So I have a pretty good team. 92 over all, and and I normally play the 100% in solo battles.

    Sometimes I win 30-0 against a 87 team,

    And just now got destroyed by a 80 team.

    Then I came back and beat a 85is win no issues.

    Then I play some high level 70 team, score a touchdown, and no instantly before I even kick it is going to get blocked and they are going to go down and score no matter what I do. And of course it is a slow snap and the kicker is watching game of thrones and forgets it.

    Other fun things is when I drop back with Young (Maxed offensive line legends, maxed Power up at RG with the Diamond card) and I literally get sacked.

    Today I threw a pass to a wide open Tony Gonzalez. He also is maxed out legend with full power maxed (Fully powered up except for the physical abilities, which fyi, you need to bring the training cost about 90% down). The ball literally, goes through his hands, through his head, and is intercepted behind him...………..

    I watched it on replay over and over just mind boggled that stuff like this happens.

    I do not care if I get beat legit, but getting beat, because the computer cheats, is really sad. I KNOW when I am going to get a punt blocked and there is nothing I can do, same with kicks.

    Seriously please work on this nonsense and fix it, difficulty should not be based upon teleporting players and the system literally cheating (I have had my entire all 90+ offensive line knocked down by a 77 team before.

    I just feel robbed, especially having put the time, effort and money in for my team. As a whale, it really annoys me and makes me truly feel like I am wasting my money (Which of course I am, but it is fun and I get lulz out of it and have the cash).

    Please fix this ticky tack stuff, or you are going to start loosing people who spend a lot on your game and contribute to that 650 million you make just off MUT.

  • So Far this week is the worst I've seen it in Solo Battles. Computer is still Pulling Off Unrealistic plays with players Far too low a level to be possible. Front line still becomes Smoke like they aren't even there. Garbage players forcing fumbles on an Max lvl Tod Gurly. Multiple times in a single game. Garbage players outrunning Max lvl T.Y. Hilton from press coverage. Players changing directions on a dime with no lag in speed. And I still see the occasional teleporting player. If i didn't know any better i'd swear the computer is forcing losses on me. Also got Kicked just before scoring the what would have been only winning touchdown i would have had in 5 games and now i have a DNF! This is Ridiculous!
  • this week is pretty good so far, 4 wins and 1 loss against the featured team by 3 points -.- thanks for getting back to the weekly thing.
  • Was playing my 4th and 5th solo battles today 10/4/2018 and my connection to the event servers were lost on Ea's end two times. EA servers have disconnected me 4 times causing me to miss out on 2 blitz battles Ultimate rewards and now this weeks Ultimate rewards. I've been a loyal player of MUT...and i'm really mad that I'm missing out on these rewards. What can be done about this Kraelo? Can I be rewarded with 3 redzone and 3 touchdown packs??

    Gamertag: Kab Superchuke
  • Hey guys, made a video for the devs from an issue which I believe to be bug in solo battles. This is not clickbait, and I make zero money off this, I simply am trying to help, thanks for watching.

  • I am also noticing I am not getting a square prompt to block the kick when I get off quickly off the blocks.
  • Have 2 more videos for the devs today, these are both constructive feedback, only intended to help.

    Here is the first, the 2nd is even more mind boggling.

  • Ok now here is the very next play after the touchdown, and I can confirm kicks cannot be blocked in my experience right now, my guy runs right by them.

  • And I just wanted to make this last video for today to show my team so you all know I am not lying about ratings. I have opened exactly 4384 packs, and here is my team. My worst back up is Von Miller at 89 (Cause he has no higher card right now)


    For Solo Battles this week I was only able to play two sets of opponents and not the full three sets. The third sets of opponents would load up for me and they wouldn't "refresh" to the next group. My battle score and rewards are drastically effected. My score is only 189630, I would like an update or the ability to earn my full rewards for Ultimate.

    XboxGT DaMan404
  • More tackling issues.

    As Charles Davis the great VOL would say, good luck getting your running game going, Suh converts running games into Rubble...……...or does he? Involved in the play is 93 overall Sean Taylor, and 94 overall Fully powered up Team Diamond Suh.

  • Solo battles aren't showing for me and says I have 0 score. I love MUT 19 but have been getting disconnected or glitched on several of these last solo battles. Can I please have a good pack reward or something for my poor user experience in these solo battles Kraleo? Thanks guys.

    Gamertag: Kab Superchuke

  • Having the same issue as superchuke. Somehow all of my solo battle stats have been reset. I mean I was having a pretty lousy week anyway but I was still on target for at least Ultimate so hopefully something can get resolved this week? Maybe?
  • solo battles are down again i was winning the first 6 games and now everything is gone
  • superchuke wrote: »
    Solo battles aren't showing for me and says I have 0 score. I love MUT 19 but have been getting disconnected or glitched on several of these last solo battles. Can I please have a good pack reward or something for my poor user experience in these solo battles Kraleo? Thanks guys.

    Gamertag: Kab Superchuke


    they are back and i still have my score of yesterday maybe they fixed :)
  • i have 4 losses and i just went into solo battles for the first time
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