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excessive grieving.

players online head to head have been picking the same defensive play every down. is excessive grieving not a thing anymore? and i cant leave player feedback or even game experience?


  • Excessive grieving is when someone either lag bombs the game or goes offsides three times in a row. It has nothing to do with calling the same defensive play every down. Learn a play that beats it....there are counters out there. Less of them, now with the way the game plays (*cough*Superman User LB's *cough*), but they are there.
  • HOGSDC202
    1 posts New member
    I call 4 plays and can beat most anyone with them. Pats playbook has one crazy linebacker blitz if you spread every like a hooker on a Friday 🌃!!! And then you quit because you cant figure out how to throw a slant or put an end on block. But excessive grieving is just mental!! Why do people do that...?
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