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Will EA fix Overdrive?

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edited September 2018
Pressures are worth a LOT more points than TDs. Never ever, in the history of football or football games do you lose a game when you score more TDs, more yards and more defensive points except in Overdrive because Pressures are worth so much... Got to fix this EA.

Would also be nice to not lose games by a few points BECAUSE MY QB WOULD NOT PASS. Everyone is having issues getting passes to work all the time and the rest of folks are having passes inadvertently thrown without meaning to do it. EA, passing is fundamental to football. When will you fix it?


  • EA stop it with this programming in Overdrive.... I dared to win 2 matches in a row and I normally score 900-1600 pts but I won 2 matches in a row so that means EA kicks in and I put 458 pts and my opponent 1500.

    Its ridiculous that it's so obvious you're penalizing my team (and so dramatically) for winning.
  • Lost at least 10 games today decided by a handful of points because I COULDN'T PASS TO A WIDE OPEN RECEIVER and was forced to take a sack instead (or spaz and throw to a covered receiver for a pick)

    EA you make more money than many small countries and you can't get a QB to pass properly in a football game?
  • They don't care as long as people keep paying for it. and that's the problem. if everyone stopped buying their madden cash or packs they'd be forced to actually fix the problems. but they couldn't care less. even in overdrive I have NO CLUE how the points are distributed. I seen a person I play go from 600 something to 800 something but when it showed their points for that play it said 88. so how do you get a 200+ point shift from an 88 point play?
    and im suspecting that EA is screwing everyone in overdrive right now because of the renown we get from using hall of Fame players. I used to win more than I lost and now i'm lucky to win 1in every 3 games.
  • Holy hell, my line can't block for any real length of time. Can't get any substantial passes off no matter who I'm playing. (900+)
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