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Madden NFL 19 October Title Update


  • Update the holder on Special teams from years in the NFL is the punter not the 2QB please
  • Does the custom draft commentary work? I've played drives with Nick Bosa, A.J. Brown, and Kelly Bryant. All names that should be in the game. Their names weren't said when they were drafted, or on any play yet. I don't understand why I haven't heard their names a single time.
  • Can you guys add in the ability to motion receivers when playing as a QB in franchise mode?
  • Naslundx19 wrote: »
    Add a button to pick up fumbles !

    RB to pick up a fumble.
  • Hey I thought you guys were going to do something about the player lurking in the game.
  • Why aren't penalties ever hardly being called on online head to head,especially pass interference which is always going on when the opponent is lurking,put some referees on the field.
  • **BUG** Since the update today, my cousin and I are unable to complete a game against each other in franchise mode. We’ve attempted to play the game 7 times. Everytime we are desynced and the game ends half way through the 2nd quarter. PLEASE HELP.
  • charliepunchme
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    edited October 2018
    I would like to see more face mark options. For instance, I would like to be able to do eye paint cross combined with nose tape. Also, Michael Thomas really needs his signature flexing celebration. He does it after almost every great catch (which is pretty dang often LOL.)

  • Why is it the comp can toe drag and complete a sideline out pattern, but no player controlled receiver will ever do it? I've lost countless challenges as they just continue running at full speed, yet I see the AI plant their feet all the time. Drag routes do the same thing, they never try to plant their feet unless it's an AI receiver.
  • Don't get me wrong the 99 cleats are cool z0e6nklmvlhw.png
    But y'all gotta get rid of the bulky jordan 6's 4t98nbardcx1.png
    We need the the Jordan 11s cleats the dopest J's C'mon EA it's in the game nm7xhzvpas7a.png
  • When will H2H compare stats be addressed?
  • EA I Have been a madden gamer since 03 and instantly fell in love with your game but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX SOCKS IN THE GAME! I know its such a small thing but different length of socks tucked, long, untucked etc would make a HUGE difference and make the field look that more authentic. And espicially if you can patch it for RELOCATION teams as theyjustdo not look authentic with all the same lengthof socks. Cheifs, bills, bears etc wouldbe great to edit aswell. If you can patch this in youll make a almost 20 year madden playervery very happy!
  • Jdlive07
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    edited October 2018
    Why do receivers still have that generic 2 point stance animation, prior to the snap, that's been in the past 12 or so madden games? It looks completely out of place, considering the generation we're in. The receivers/tight ends are not even looking at the ball before the play starts (they're just looking straight ahead with their arms stuck to the side with no life). This looks very cheap. Introduce animations where they point to the sideline to make sure they're not over the line of scrimmage or something. It gives the game more life. Completely overhaul this animation please!

    Madden also needs more body catch animations. Majority of catches we see in football today are body catches. For example, with low thrown possession catches, the receiver almost always uses his chest to secure the catch.

    Secondly, the game needs more light. A clear sunny day in Los Angeles at 1 pm shouldn't look like it's about to rain.

    Thirdly, please try and add a feature to adjust the length of a player's tights; some wear shorter tights to where their knees are exposed (e.g. O'dell Beckham, Anquan Bolden (Ravens years).
  • Kick returns for touchdowns happen very often now...
  • Please add the replay camera angle for game play, love playing the game on broadcast mode, this will allow us all to see down the field better!! This can be a easy fix with a update!
  • Oaks141
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    Anybody else still having the issue where recievers aren't doing catch animations? Or think zone coverage has gotten. Worse? And they turn pass rushing way to far down now it's a joke. And can anyone else zoom out on camera? Cause since past two updates I cant do it at all.
  • Please update in special teams the holder. In madden appears the 2QB but in real life is the punter, for trick plays with the holder as QB is too easy.
  • When will H2H compare stats be addressed?

    I would love to hear something about this as well.
  • I completely miss user strip fumbles being addressed. The mechanic has already been too easy to use and players don't get punished enough for using it. But whatever, you can still play against it.
    But I just encountered the next level of it. I played a h2h where I got strip fumbled 2 times. And you know, if I don't protect the ball - my fault. But what happened was that I caught the ball and literally milliseconds after I caught it I got user strip fumbled. TWICE. At what point in the catch process are you supposed to press protect? I don't even have completely caught it yet but it can be fumbled?

    When there is something to abuse, people will abuse it. Please address this asap. Thanks
  • On a positive for once good job fixing the return game. No more stutters on KR
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