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Madden NFL 19 October Title Update


  • Please fix SCREEN PASSES. The running back continuesly runs into the guard or tackle. The blockers just run to the side after the ball is snapped and there’s no initial block so the qb is hit before the rb is ready for it. These issues make it almost impossible to run a screen play because the play rarely even develops. I love to use the RB in my gameplay and always liked to run screen passes in previous maddens. But due to these issues I’ve had to stop call these plays because it always resulted in a negative play. Mostly sacked. Using the same mechanics as last years would suffice. Thank you
  • Pleaseee fix the H2H compare stats, the opponents stats are blank,it just shows my stats on both sides.
  • In depth chart switching RB to start in the game, the substitution do not successfully take place. It will have the player you wanted to sub out still in the game. Please fix this problem. Not sure if happens on other positions but I’m for sure it’s the RB position might want to take a look at the other positions.
  • The RB blocking targeting is sloppy cant strafe around the pocket to get infront of oncoming defensive players. The RB runs straight instead of side stepping to better defend oncoming defenses players that are in front of the RB.
  • fastnfair24
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    Thanks for the hard work gents.
    The pass protection is a mess with the rb not picking up blitzes and linemen doing the same. A five year old can do one of these YouTube blitzes and force you to block 7. Running is easier post patch and feels smoother. The zones for Cover 4,6,9 are still bad. The cpu even gets one play tds on those coverages. Playing the sticks helps, but causes dbs to stop covering down field past the first down marker so you can still get bombed. Aside from the high point glitch, last year was more competitive and balanced. This year you have to do scummy blitzes and crossers every play to compete at a high level bc that’s all everyone runs that thinks they can play. People are going to figure ways to ‘break’ the game every year, but this year it’s too easy with the way zones play and blocking blitzes works.
  • I'm still having an issue with situational pass rusher. My fully powered up Reggie White is dead after 2 snaps. He is light blue after kick return on first play of def.
  • sirlukevader69
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    im really disgusted at how you people at ea baby the players who play head to head why dont the players who play reg games get a chance at 5000 training points its nonsense i tell you keep catering to head to head players and u will lose alot more customers just saying im seriously thinking about quitting because of the lack of opportunities for training points and advancement because i can only get measly training points instead of 5k if i play head to head vs reg ult team play fix this or u will lose alot more players and all my money i spend will disappear to

    [Removed profanity]
  • klinkokevin
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    In Cfm as a defensive player we need defensive perspective camera as an option please do something about it. It's really unstatisfying without that camera angle. A lot of people upset because of this problem.
  • Patch the nano blitzs fix max protection stop nerfing everything because its not working. Nano blitzs are killing your game you cant max protection against them.. that soon not fair for players trying to play the game the wright way... ea you guys need to look at you tube to see the nano blitzs it takes 1 minute to look them up... do we have to wait tell next madden before you fix this issue
  • Some of the online inconsistencies need fixed. This is my first year getting into the online exhibition mode and I pretty disappointed. First off, when you're in shotgun with 3 wideouts, a TE and a RB, you shouldn't be getting sacked within 3 seconds when the defense is playing dollar defense cover 4. I literally just played a game and 4 times my competitor did that, I really didn't even have time to finish my drop before jj watt broke through a double team and my RB for a sack. Kinda frustrating. Also, when I throw a ball to a receiver or te running a drag route and its under thrown so tipped and it drops to the ground, a safety 5 yards back shouldn't be able to make a 5 yard dive and intercept the ball when the lb covering my te swatted the ball to the ground. I throw enough picks with my aggressiveness I don't need y'all helping me throw more. And the same with running plays, the running back literally starts out at a brisk walk when he gets the ball so he really has no time to even get to the LOS before getting tackled for a 3 yard loss everytime. I usually give up running after the 1st quarter when this happens so it makes me one dimensional. I use the Eagles and with as high as their ratings are on the offensive and defensive line, the linemen shouldn't be getting blown up every other play. Again and example was just the last game I played. I played 5-2 defense and when they ran the ball, the Texans o line literally snapped the ball and before the running back even had the ball, 3 of my 5 defensive lineman were on their backs. I ultimately lost the game (last second field goal) because of this. It's just frustrating getting screwed by a game I enjoy immensely. And I agree with what someone above said, when you run hurry up every offensive play of the game, the players need to get fatigued, it's annoying with as many players do this and that's the only reason they win because it shows cuz when they try to huddle and pick plays they either throw a pick or get sacked. The hurry up is way to popular because it's so OP and not even close to realistic. There's a few other things, bit this comment is long enough for now. Lol
  • I’ve noticed you guys updated the retractable roof to stadiums that applied great.. but I have been playing madden along time and have yet to see a head to head weather game Offline and Online I play both with many peers and we always talk about how there no weather games (rain or heavy snow ..below temperature games we have seen) mainly in late season and playoffs games please update that aspect of the franchise mode I’m not saying make it snow in a raiders rams or niners home game but like FIFA add seasons/ weather possibilities to the stadiums that apply.. it makes the game a little more “realistic” lol thanks
  • In Cfm as a defensive player we need defensive perspective camera as an option please do something about it. It's really unstatisfying without that camera angle. A lot of people upset because of this problem.

    Yooooo I totally agree. I remember a few gens ago when you played defense the camera angle was on the defensive side of the ball and I loved it. I hated last year's the most, this years is tolerable but I'd love to have the defensive angles back. Plus, on that note, can we bring back kickers to the CFM? I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • Can you add team color spat tape like deshawn Watson blue tape, an more player likeness, u have players on there that don't even see the field real faces but no earl thomas, the Packers whole defensive line have generic faces an plenty more good players can we get more player likeness please
  • Fix the Sliders.
  • Moseley825 wrote: »
    Appreciate the update but don't get me wrong...you add player likeness to a punter and not a top tier player like Joe Mixon, Earl Thomas, Marcus Peters or Xavier Rhodes. We wait weeks for player likeness and only get a few. EA needs to do a weekly update for player likeness and equipment. Jordan 11s need to be in Madden now not next year along with cleat customization too. Stadium sound should impact the game like in the past NCAA football games. Easy fixes for EA in my opinion.

    Couldn't agree more, we want all players to look as real as possible but Mixon looks like something I designed! You guys can do better! And weekly likeness or ever 2 weeks updates would keep a lot of us who play offline happy! (Also a lot of your madden players are Fantasty football players too so obviously starting with more popular play likeness if we have to wait the full month would be good too)
  • Love this update. I think the running game has improved tremendously.

    Wish you guys would update the user controlled players so they would have more realistic motion. Currently they can effectively cover so much of the field that entire route concepts are taken away and players are able to use extremely unsound defenses.

    In one of the daily life streams this week you guys mentioned how much trouble Anthony Barr was having with wheel routes (in real life). Which was something I noticed too. The funny thing is that in our game of Anthony Barr were used controlled he would have just undercut the route and taken it back for a pick six (all while simultaneously playing the flats and the deep post).

    Please fix it so users are not super human. Allow them to play routes, not entire sides of the field. Allow them to make legitimate plays on the ball, not jump up and intercept anything between the receiver and the quarterback.

    I totally understand that if you throw a bullet pass and there is a defender in the way, that should be a problem. But currently even if you throw a touch of a job pass you get the same result. And that's not right. A quarterback should e able to throw a pass over the head of a defender more regularly. There should be an appropriate level of skill/challenge involved, but it should be possible.

    In addition, there is also a large related problem where user and non-user defenders have eyes in the back of their heads. This can sometimes make sense of players are in man coverage using a trail technique (the animation clearly showing the sender's name on the reviewer's back being a good sign NOT to throw the ball) however if the defender is clearly out of position and those back is turned there should be a slight advantage for the receiver. Currently that's not the case.
  • Ok EA, what's going on here? Let me first start off by saying that I love to play Madden. I play this game daily and have noticed that I haven't received a quick sale valued over 25K. Ive done all of the challenges and daily objectives only to receive 4k or 5k daily. It was the same way last year in 18 also. How do you guys do it? I'm baffled. It really seems pointless to even do the daily objectives. It's not rewarding or seems to reward only certain players. I watch other players receive high value quick sales in the official club and now only have to wonder. SMH
  • It would be great if in the November title update EA could fix the throwing motions. 🤞
  • In offline CFM I've noticed several things. As mentioned multiple times by others, QB's like lamar jackson never have rushing attempts or yards in SIM. Defenders still don't react accordingly when playing zone especially in practice mode. If no one is the zone they should move somewhere they can be involved in the play. Also the last thing Ive noticed is that balls don't seem to get batted down or tipped at the line of scrimmage at all where its a pretty common occurrence in the the NFL.
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