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Madden NFL 19 October Title Update


  • franchise saves keep corrupting
  • can you guys update the playbooks(formations) and plays seems like every team has the same play book
    1.chief touch pass
    2. Panthers’ Fake Triple-option Screen
    3. Bucs red zone
    4. Vikings Pre-snap Motion Pick Play
    5. Rams fake counter toss
    6. Egals ru pass option
  • I love the hard work y’all put in to adding and fixing things in the game! I having so much fun with this game! I especially love that you guys listen to us! I know y’all just added the new helmets and face masks but only I would like to see added soon is the 808 face mask for the speedflex! I’ve noticed that a lot of college QBs have them and Marcus Mariota wears it with his speedflex so if you could add it in November the members of the community that loves equipment and uniforms, like me, would greatly appreciate it!
  • BuddyRacerX
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    Can you guys fix a little issue when a fantasy uniform is applied? Both the scoreboard and the stats board that pops up from the bottom of the scoreboard say the team name I use rather than "MEM" for Memphis or Memphis Hounds when I use the Hounds uniform in online matches, please
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  • Add Captains patches to Jets uniforms in Franchise mode!
  • jG00N89
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    Can we get a hof token exchange set I got tokens I can't use and tokens I need so if your reading this give it a thought and keep up the great work
  • Fix the animation of the DE sacking the the QB. Since the update, once you get within a couple of yards to sacking the QB, the DE run animation changes from Sprinting to a "gallop" type animation which slows him down and buys the QB extra unnecessary time to throw the ball.
  • Our family has started an online franchise after getting Madden 19. We have family in other cities that are playing in our online Franchise as well as myself and my two boys. We all have our own profiles and teams but found that we can't play head to head within same house hold on one console. Is there a way to make this work or do we really have to sim our h2h games? I don't understand why EA wouldn't allow family to all play H2H in franchise mode online within same house hold and family in other cities!?!
  • Head to Head compare stats not working.

    Specific Playbook setting to a specific teams playbook reverts back to default after a game or two in head to head. Same thing happened in Madden 18 as well.
  • Where is online team play? God this game is an empty shell.
  • Why cant you have the camera angle behind the defense in CFM as a created defensive player??
  • For the love of God, when is the Interception camera in the game going to be fixed!!?? This is so crucial but won’t be fixed. So many pick 6 interceptions are ruined because of the camera
  • Hey guys, there is a glitch when overtime starts in franchise mode. It goes to this screen that is attached. The game doesn’t start. When I relaunch the game it starts from the last play of regulation and goes to the same glitch in ot.gkjgox81xr5m.jpeg
  • So first I would like to say that Madden 19 needs to do a complete player likeness update with a huge amount of players added. They say every year( for about 4 years)about how they are at the NFL combine to scan all of the rookies faces but when the game comes out the put a handful at a time out. The 49ers for example drafted Armstead and Garrett in the first round and they were both highly recommended at their position but neither has a face. Instead you look no further than the Cowboys and they seem to get almost every player on the team scanned and put in the game. Like come on you can add a punter, 3rd QB on the depth chart or undrafted players face but players like Joe Mixon, Earl Thomas, Vic Beasley, Xavier Rhodes, Marcus Peters, Marcus Trufant etc who are All Pro or have been to the Pro Bowl with the exception of Mixon should have been added to the game. All Pro, Pro Bowl, 1st, 2nd,3rd picks should have a face scan. Please Madden you can do better like adding 350 faces like a few years back.
  • The cleveland browns stadium does not have the painted endzones or the logo at midfield and the Tampa bay Buccaneers do not have the painted endzones either please put out a update patch to fix this
  • Cfm is broken. I’m in my 2023 season and can’t finish my week 7 game. I score a touchdown then the game will freeze. I have to restart the game to kick the extra point. If a penalty is called the screen just stays in the huddle mode with no play calling windows. I’ve stopped playing because this is highly frustrating.
  • Please make the replay camera a regular camera angle
  • I did see previous posts on this when the game first came out, but any plans to make the Dolphins stadium sunny during early games? Every game looks overcast. There should be sun on at least half the stadium, and have it progressively get darker as the sun moves. Thanks!
  • You still need to fix your roughing the passer penalties on plays that result in a touchdown. If accepted, the yards should be assessed on the ensuing kickoff. But as it stands, you STILL only give the option of accepting the penalty (and taking the touchdown) or declining the penalty (and taking the ball on the 1 yard line). This is such an easy fix. I don't get why you keep on ignoring this complaint.
  • Noticed when playing on cfm as a player and in game on fast simulation until to next time player is on the field, the game will occasionally skip downs that my player is in the game on. Haven't noticed this in past games also but is this part of the system or a bug?

    Also Starting to get the feeling that the defensive camera complaint the community has been asking EA about will either continue to be ignored or never brought back as a option. A update on that issue would be VERY APPRECIATED!
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