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Madden NFL 19 October Title Update



  • Now that the October update has been out for a little while now, I think the players likeness updates is always a positive. That needs to continue to happen. For the most part, player likeness is pretty good. I can’t really complain about that. I would say just continue chipping away at that and continue improving all the visuals.

    Franchise mode is what I’m into, always have and forever will be. I think that mode will always need improvement. Signing players is still a struggle. If I want to give a player a 2 yr deal that’s legitimate, instead of a 4 yr deal, I think that should have some compatibility. For example, a halfback that is 28 yrs old and wants a 4 yr deal, will obviously turn 32 when the contract is up, if signed. Halfbacks that are 30 yrs+ are considered past their prime and start to decline, in most cases. So why not allow the user to adjust the contract to get that specific tailbacks quality use at that time. Then if the next team wants to sign that halfback at 30, then cool, they will able to sign that player in off season free agency and possibly have another few solid seasons. That’s just one example. Free agents, should able to be signed for multiple yrs as well, instead of a1 yr deal each start of a new season. That’s just a few areas that need improvement or adjusted.

    As far as gameplay in all modes. Nano blitzing that has already been exposed should be removed from the game. The same goes for the money plays, offensively. Users should be able to utilize their entire playbook to win a game, instead of using 1 or 3 plays or whatever, every single down. That’s just my opinion. Fumble sacks, for me, seem to happen too often as well. Once again, these are just a few things that need changed or adjusted.

    I’m sure I sound like a broken record and others have talked about these topics. But, if there is one thing I know, it is that the game needs to play as realistic as possible, espically in simulation mode and to continue to improve the game through patches and new launches of Madden.
  • Why doesn't the defensive assist button work in h2h online gameplay?!?!
  • Joe Haden and leveon player likeness please, both have tattoos but neither do on game...also towels/handwarmers should be able to go on the front, back, and either side...one more thing, one cut animations should sometimes fake out opponents like other juke moves do
  • More than just Alvin Kamara wears arm tape, should make it to where you can edit on ANY player...also should have loose fitting long sleeves, would make the game wayyy more realistic
  • djmarsella13
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    So just some things for the sidelines/offline franchise:
    1) make it so you can hire/fire an Offensive/Defensive coordinators when your a head coach
    2) make those coaches shown during the game while your offense/defense is out there
    3) Add a blue tent to the sidelines for when someone gets hurt and show the player going there.
    4) If there is a serious injury, take a commercial break and come back to him leaving on the cart.
    Those are 4 simple ish? fixes to sideline animation that should make it more realistic.
  • I appreciate and enjoy all the updates and tuning but.....CAN WE PLEASE FIX THE REPLAY OPTION?!?!? Why can’t we select at least 2 options on what we want to challenge? I mean I know there wasn’t a catch but I can only challenge the spot....COME ON MAN!!
  • TMKTMK wrote: »
    Hope to see something in the future in regards to the franchise practice squads. Not a big fan of having to use the live rosters in the cloud to get accurate practice squads, some of which are still missing players..

    I'm also not a fan of a RGIII type player that peaked in his ROY season and has to resort to checkdowns nowadays in order to keep his drives going on offense. Romo was better no doubt about it.
  • Can someone please, PLEASE add the defensive perspective camera in franchise mode already. It’s one of the major reasons I used to love to play as a defensive player. At this point I feel like enough people have complained and it makes zero sense to put it in previous maddens and leave it out of 19? I’ve stopped playing madden altogether because of this.
  • EA_Roger
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    Hello everyone,

    Once again the Madden team wants to thank you or the detailed feedback you've given us here for the October title update. Some of you have gone above above and beyond, sharing videos, play-by-play analysis and much more. This feedback really helps our development team with the implementing your feedback.

    As we have released a new title update for November we are closing off this topic. Please continue to give us your feedback on this topic here:

    Madden NFL 19 November TITLE UPDATE

    Thank you all for your feedback & passion,

    The Madden team.
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