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Serious PS4 Changes Necessary in Madden 19!!!

1. Super linebacker - one linebacker can cover a slant (WR1) to a post (WR2) to a streak (WR3). No linebacker can even matchup with a WR running a post or streak off the line in real life yet it can be done from the other side of the field in madden. The best an NFL linebacker does in coverage is getting into throwing lanes. Few linebackers intercept passes. If the NFL was like madden, then linebackers would be leading the league in interceptions and passes defensed. The example of super linebacker is even in the video supported by EA in the tutorial posted on 9-24-18 in MUT.

2. Super DBs - when a DB has his back to the QB and head turned towards the end zone or receiver there should be no way for the DB to intercept a pass yet it happens on a consistent basis. Also, when a safety has started to one side of the field, they can not make it all the way across the field on the other side yet they do in madden. Player fatigue should fix the above two issues.

3. Defensive line play - there is no hand fighting in madden. You run into a brick wall, get prompted to push a button, can mash on the button over and over with no response, then when the QB finally passes (8-10 seconds later) you can’t even put a hand up to try to bat a ball more-less jump. I’m pretty sure NFL players occasionally put their hands up to bat a ball. I know all defensive line players fight with their hands to gain positions and break free from a block. The game is won and lost in the trenches yet madden uses a run into a wall approach. You can disengage and run into the same wall over and over too. Not everyone wants to user a linebacker or safety.

4. Defensive scheme - there is no emphasis on scheme at all. All of the emphasis is on pre-snap adjustments. The game cares more about whether a person base aligns and then adjusts to cover flats or cloud than what the call vs the play. It’s turned into the old Nintendo cheat code pre-snap (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, select, start). There’s people running the same defensive play (with small personnel adjustments)for entire seasons and the entire time on madden yet it tends to be unbeatable. Unless you run an offensive play that does the same repeatedly. YouTube is full of these examples. There is no single defense that works against every play except in madden.

5. QBs have way too much time to throw the ball. Average time should be 4-6 seconds. The QBs accuracy should be much more improved and precise across the board.

6. Not enough emphasis on run blocking. An overloaded side shouldn’t be basically a one on one matchup that’s easily shed.

7. Offensive scheme matchups - RB vs DB on run (big advantage RB). RB vs LB run (even). RB vs D-line (advantage D-line). RB vs DB in pass (advantage DB). RB vs LB pass (even). RB vs D-line pass (big advantage RB). TE vs LB pass (even). TE vs DB pass (big advantage DB). TE vs DB run (big advantage TE). TE vs LB run (even). WR vs CB in pass (even). WR vs FS pass (slightly WR). WR vs SS (advantage WR). WR vs LB (big advantage WR). I don’t see any of this happening. Too much emphasis is put on speed stats making imaginary mismatches.

8. Offensive play scheme - play fakes should occasionally freeze a FS. Overall stats should be the ultimate in deciding who wins an even matchup not a player’s speed. (Matchups listed previously). Usane Bolt couldn’t play in the NFL just saying. A heavy run vs a pass defense should always be a medium to big play. A blitz should always shorten throwing time. A quick pass vs a blitz should be a big play. Screen passes should occasionally be intercepted when the defense is in position. More precise throws and improved run blocking previously mentioned would be the most help to improve offensive scheme.

9. The same play over and over should be recognized by the defense and offense. Why even have play recognition as a stat if it’s not going to be a significant factor?!?

10. Coach suggestion play calls should only be on the lower levels not all madden.

11. Over/under run defenses should be a large part of run stopping. Line stunts should be a part of every playbook. No scheme implemented here at all.

12. Defensive pre-snap adjustments besides the play prediction, line slants, and guard the sticks should removed and placed into specific plays. That includes press, over, under, and back off DBs. Base align should be a coaching adjustment.

13. Player intelligence should be a part of the game. This gives a whole area for busted plays on offense and defense. There should be busted coverages and missed assignments on both sides of the ball.

14. Solo Battles rewards the use of single short RB pass offensive plays to gain the most points. Instead, it should reward players that use the most variety of offensive and defensive plays without pre-snap adjustments. I wonder what the leaderboard would look like if there was a same play score penalty.

15. Penalties seem to be nonexistent except offsides and delay of game. Where’s holding, clipping, illegal use of hands, pass interference (offense and defense), helmet to helmet, and unnecessary roughness to name a few?

16. What’s up with only having punt return left and middle? Did someone forget there’s a right side?

17. How about some cheerleaders in the game? Maybe even halftime cheerleaders or music performances?

18. I feel like the commentary is condescending and always talking trash even if it is done in a soft voice. This is Madden. Why not have Madden do the commentary? I used to love watching games when he’d talk about things like tur-duck-en.

19. The player gap has grown mainly because of the lack of changes to the game mechanics. This gap will continue to grow until these changes are made. That’s why the top players are the same from week to week and year to year. I wouldn’t buy any game that has the same layout every year and I won’t continue with madden doing this. These changes would upset the top players but make the game fun for everyone again. There would be new top players. The top players now are bored doing the same things anyways. It has to get old using the same plays over and over. I bet they do it with their eyes closed half the time.

20. Oh and I’m not excited to play some YouTuber as a solo battle. Put up an NFL player or NFL coach to get me excited. Maybe even run scripted plays from the previous week’s game or something.
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