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Drew Brees Ratings a Joke

Drew Brees has broken the completion percentage record THREE damn times, and until he got Michael Thomas, he has never had a Pro-Bowl WR. Yet, he's thrown for 5000yds four times, and currently this year he is on pace for 5750yds. Ya, he probably won't get there. Aside from that number being astronomical, when Ingram returns, they will try to run it more to control the game a bit more. But, the dude is completing 81% of his passes on 129 attempts, while accounting for 10tds (8 passing) and no picks through 3-games. Brees currently gets the 3rd least time to throw as well. Every single year their offense is Top-3. So currently his Madden Ratings are as such:

Overall: 92
Short Acc: 98
Med Acc: 91
Deep Acc: 81
Throw Run: 82

Compared to Tom Brady who has 644yds, 6tds and 2ints:

Overall: 98
Short Acc: 99
Med Acc: 97
Deep Acc: 85
Throw Run: 88

I agree that Brady is amazing, but Brees 6-rating-points less than him? Give me a break. It makes 0 sense, and there is no logical argument to give Brees those numbers. He's as accurate as it gets and he's a waaaaay better athlete than Brady (who actually never really throws on the run), so how does Brady get him by 6pts in that category as well. You wanna make Brady better than Brees? Fine. But, Brees should be:

Overall: 95-96
Short Acc: 99
Med Acc: 96
Deep Acc: 84
Throw Run: 86

He's a top QB every year, he breaks records constantly, and he's the best QB in the league right now that's a proven guy. Ya Mahomes is impressing, but it's 3-games, and he's got a Pro-Bowler at every skill position.

Do the right thing for people who want to play with the Saints and make Brees as good as he actually is in real life.

P.S. Alvin Kamara has 430yds from scrimmage, 3tds and 30 catches. Time to boost him up as well, 90 Overall is waaaaaaaay too low.


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