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Speed Threshold Out of Control

This guy I was playing earlier was manning up P. Dorsett with Richard Sherman, with basically no safety help on 70% of his defensive snaps and Dorsett couldn't beat him on a streak ONCE. Dorsett has 7 speed-points and 2 Acceleration-points on him. Sherman wasn't pressing either, just lining up like he was going to or a few yds off. This is a joke. The only routes you can beat ppl deep on are those skinny posts. Someone needs to tell the developers that corners in the league who are slower and are man on a fast dude like Hill, Cooks, Dorsett etc. with no safety help are going to get beat when lined up within a few yards on the snap. I get they want CBs to be able to hang with guys even if they are a bit slower, but it's just too extreme now. People are playing single high safety and just to experiment I am running 9s and my guy can't win the sprint. People should have to give slower guys help over the top, that's what safeties are for EA!


  • All the tresholds are trash but when it comes to wrs its about route running not speed
  • I totally agree was just about to make a post on this! This is the biggest thing I believe that needs to be patched asap because it’s unrealistic and would change the this game for the better.
  • Let me guess, your ine of those guys that throws deep EVERY play then rage quits when you lose you 4th and 10 on your own 20.
  • Axs2896Sxa6582: No I actually go like 3:1 WL every year and went about 50-7 in games against Top-100 opponents in Madden 18. I never quit, and I never throw deep on streaks because the game doesn't allow you to unless a corner who sucks is pressing against a top, fast WR. Solid, yet completely crap guess though haha.

    And Cpt_gunn: Ya I know and that's not realistic at all. You shouldn't be able to line up 1on1 vs. Tyreek Hill without help for most the game and get away with it. Plus, fast WRs/RBs like Gurley or AB etc. continue to get caught from behind with 10-15 yard head starts on screens and posts. Speed threshold like this negates the advantage of fast players. Defenses should have to account for this stuff, but this game is so noob'd out they just want everyone to be able to compete and make games closer.
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