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Update issue 1.10

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After the update I've been having issues. I'm getting invisible coaches and the game keeps crashing when playing. It doesn't matter the game mode, I crashed after Franchise mode and again with my created player.

I also restarted my ps4 and after doing so after the crash my game was still in progress, Under my (created player) SuperStar.



  • Yea man i keep blue screening also they need to fix the problems with this. I average 3 blue screens a day when i play. I have called ea about it
  • NyGmen4Lif3
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    edited October 2018
    I just started getting the Blue screen right after the update. This is the first time that I've seen it happen on Madden 19 since I bought the game back on august 10th. I got crashes like you said every other week 2 months ago. So I decided to open my Ps4 and clean, compound my chip which was dry. That was 2 months ago and this is the first Issue since doing so. I couldn't play a gaming session over 2 - 4 hrs with out a crash. Now I can play 6- 12 hrs no problem.

    After I updated to version 1.10 I got it right after playing my first game and then decided to go play with my created player same thing happened. I shut my ps4 down and powered it back up (not a reset) and everything fixed it self at the moment. The only game that gives me a blue screen (crash) is warface, and I haven't played that since. Even though I got a new update on that game a couple days ago.
  • My PC started CTDing today, after having worked since release, after initial loading, when I expect the opening movie and music to start playing.

    2x GeForce GTX 970, driver 391.01 (CTD occurs with with SLI both en- and disabled)
    AMD Ryzen 1700X
    Clean boot Win10Pro
  • I've gotten stuck on the game loading screen in offline franchise. It'll still play music, and scroll through the skill position player comparisons, but won't load into the actual game.
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