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EA needs to take a look in the mirror.

This is by far the worst madden I have seen made. No effort at all in the franchise mode where all these glitches and errors are happening. Every patch makes the game is even worse. Major step back from M18. I get it that MUT is the money makers mode and franchise is the minority but your selling a product for everyone. Ive been buying this game every year since the first one back in the 80's. EAs's poor efforts are making me reconsider buying anymore. There is my rant, doubt it does anything but Im sure I speak for many others others as well with my disappointment in this madden and the product you put out.


  • But Hey, we do have Epic Nike Gear avail to us now. Priorities, have to get that Nike allocation.
  • But Hey, we do have Epic Nike Gear avail to us now. Priorities, have to get that Nike allocation.

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  • EA_Roger
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    @DeathByEagle ,

    We are more than happy to take on your feedback as long as you remain constructive. Describe the issues, glitches you are encountering as precisely as possible, the best being videos, etc.

    We know how important Franchise to our players, if you check out latest patch notes you can see the Franchise section is longer than the MUT one. There is also a twitch video on the front page going through a glitch we fixed and a couple of the Franchise updates we updated as well: https://forums.ea.com/en/madden-nfl/

    I'm going to shut this down as there isn't any feedback to offer here per say. If you read through the Madden NFL 19 October Title Update you can see the feedback we are gather and how construtive the feedback in there is.


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