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P2P penalty

EA do you think I've dropped more than $400 on this game just so that when I play against a defensive line that I have a +5 to +10 ovr advantage on I can get DOMINATED?

No team can beat my team as consistently as a team I have a +2 to +5 ovr advantage on.

Same goes the other way. When I see my OPPONENT has a +2 to +5 ovr advantage on me means I almost always win.

What is wrong with you guys? Why are you penalizing game play for those who spend money to have a better team?



  • I am with you on this. When playing overdrive I can win 3,4 or sometimes even five in a row and then I will have 2 or 3 games where Tom Brady forgot how to throw and all of his passes are not even close to a receiver. Gronk has 3 or 4 balls hit him in the hands and he drops them. Also whenever I choose a run or better yet when I get a run challenge my offensive line all seem to throw lookout blocks. You know they let the defender run by them and yell look out. Obviously EA has some type of algorithm set up where you can only win so many and then they put the whammy on you. EA you suck
  • The game is fully rigged. You will know if you win or lose from the start. Typically if you are dropping wide open passes and getting jumped behind the line of scrimmage, it means it's your turn to lose. That is reason why I would turn off ranked mode once I make HOF. After losing about 3-5, I would turn it back on and your turn to win. Try to lose, but it's hard after that.
  • 600 to 900 power teams are unbeatable for me atm..! I only got 1417 to 1437 depending on system and players i use..! But How are they able to score 1400+ every time vs a whole diamond defense, while i do about 800 to 1200 against them..? This may can happen from time to time, but not during last 12 games..!
    Against teams with more power then 1000 it‘s better, sometimes i even win one..!
    And best of all: game stats..! I nearly win every categorie, but I lose by 150+ points...?!
    Why do they punish the strong teams..!
    And EA doesn‘t answer at all..!
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