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Lack of Browns players

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No Rising Stars.
No Flashbacks.
No Veterans.
No Legends. (This one blows my mind!)
Few power ups.

Perhaps the popular teams are popular because they have lots of players to choose from? Perhaps it's a self fulfilling prophecy?

Could we please get some Browns players or do we have to wait all 16 weeks of the season just to get Joe Thomas and Paul Warfield?

There are so many great Browns players to choose from. Yet every week it seems like the same teams get more selections. Let's try to even things out a bit. How hard could it be to create more cards with a Browns helmet on it?

Also, why isn't there a Browns captain? Love to have a Joe Thomas captain card.

Potential legends:

Bernie Kosar, Frank Minifield, Hanford Dixon, Earnest Byner, Steve Everitt, Ozzie Newsome, Marion Motley, Eric Turner, Eric Metcalf, Otto Graham, Clay Mathews, Webster Slaughter, Carl Banks, Pepper Johnson, Leroy Hoard, Kevin Mack, Carlos Dansby, Michael Dean Perry, ect.
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  • I am going to guess it is a supply and demand thing.
    The demand might not be great for Browns players even though they do have an impressive list of legends. Maybe if they have a few good seasons more Browns legends will appear in the game.
  • I am going to guess it is a supply and demand thing.
    The demand might not be great for Browns players even though they do have an impressive list of legends. Maybe if they have a few good seasons more Browns legends will appear in the game.

    Some perspective:

    A semi-recent CBS Sports article listed the Browns as the 8th most popular franchise in the NFL.

    The Browns Backers, is considered one of the largest fan clubs in professional sports.

    I think EA may not have thought this out. Are Browns fans less likely to play Madden or are Browns fans not playing Madden because the Browns are never well represented?

    There are other teams this is also true for. The Bengals and Jags come to mind.
  • I agree totally and I'm not even a Browns fan. And as far and supply and demand goes, I can see where someone might think that the more successful teams in recent years would have more demand for players from those particular teams. However, I'd be willing to bet that the Madden guild is comprised largely of young whippersnappers that front-run mainly with the Cowboys, Steelers, Patriots, and a couple of other teams.

    Hence when they sit around the office and have their little votes, these 'popular' teams win-out and most others go on to the back burner. I believe a glaring example of this is the fact that Deion Sanders has 2 lower versions as a Cowboy and his full legend is also a Cowboy. When his best statistical season as a corner happened in S.F. arguably, and his best seasons as a returner were undoubtedly with the Falcons. Now if his offensive numbers were factored in, I can maybe see why his full legend is with Dallas.

    Nonetheless, all 32 should have at least a couple legends. I think it has to be more difficult to identify a Texans legend than any other team, and the Jaguars and Panthers are probably in that same boat just because those franchises are relatively young. I think that is probably one of the reasons that Primetime has a Ravens legend version. Because outside of Ray Lewis, Jon Ogden, and Ed Reed, there aren't many indefinite legends that were Ravens due to the relative time period of the team being in that city.

    I think too, that the rights to use certain players likenesses comes into play on this matter. Because if individual accolades were the only factor, the Bears would have more legends than any other team. But then when they consider that, Michael ConVick, is a legend, you can throw any of that 'accomplishment' rationale out the window. Go look at his numbers through a 13-15 year career and you will see that the only thing legendary about him is the frequency that people like to spam run him on the Madden video game.

    I would personally like to see more legends from the far back eras of football. I thought that Night Train Lane was an excellent example of this in 18. But again, it comes back to who allows their likeness to be on the game. I find it hard to believe that Butkus and some of these other guys, want to see themselves dancing and pulling some of the other antics that these younger guys do.
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    Here we are towards the end of the year...

    Looking at the Muthead database, here's how far behind teams like the Browns are in comparison to other teams:

    Browns 6 pages of players.
    Steelers 8 pages!
    Ravens 8 pages!
    Cowboys 8 pages!

    Jacksonville (only 6 pages)
    Atlanta 7 pages.
    Buffalo 7 pages.
    Denver 8 pages!
    KC 7 pages.
    Patriots 8 pages!
    Eagles 8 pages!

    There are like 25 players per page, btw. So that means the difference in available cards for the Browns versus one of these other teams is perhaps as much as 50! That doesn't even tell the story of how many distinct players there are per team, just the approximate number of cards but you get the picture.

    If you're not on the "favorite" team list then forget about trying to assemble a cool team of good players from the team you actually like. Yes, I know there are players like Sheard that played for the Browns for a few seasons, but seriously it's like the 1970-1990's didn't even exist when it comes to the Cleveland Browns.

    Hey EA, how about giving Browns fans back some of their history this year?

    Webster Slaughter
    Frank Minifield
    Handford Dixon
    Clay Mathews (the first one)
    I know Bernie Kosar is probably under his own contract still.
    Eric Metcalf
    Ernest Byner
    Kevin Mack
    Bob Golic
    Al Bubba Baker

    Eric Turner!

    Here's a list of there top 100 players: https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2013/07/cleveland_browns_100_best_all-_64.html
    Find some more please.
  • Im a steelers fan and i agree lol.....browns have one of the most die hard and loyal fanbases period but with madden 19 ea wants to make the new shiny flashy cards to make money....i think with all the new signings browns fans should be happy with madden 20
  • Lol the Browns are an expansion team that has never won a playoff game. I know that's not the "official" version but all the browns players still under contract had their rights retained by the Ravens. That's like saying Warren Moon is a hall of fame quarterback for the expansion Houston Texans.
  • A solid browns team is insane now lol. Chems are your friend, lots of players played for the browns that in the the game, but are listed on another team, and you can change team (OBJ) for example.

    They have a ton of 99's with chems. And don't forget you can Make Earl Thomas and Levon Bell free agent cards Browns too.
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