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Dear EA,
Throughout the past half a year, I have been attempting to contact you in regards to game issues/bugs that I have encountered. Your support has been nonexistent. (Well, that's not entirely true. They are quite good at acknowledging my email and not addressing any of my concerns.) Almost five months ago, I created a topic thread that was designed to get the attention of the development team at EA, so that the issues could be addressed. Instead, my efforts led to a ban on my account. After contacting EA_Roger, that ban was lifted, although EA_Roger has provided no assistance since. So, here I am again, writing another post. This time I will make sure I am courteous and do not violate the Forum Policy.

To all you players who have had problems with the game and been ignored by EA, feel free to comment additionally on this new topic thread. Additionally, I have decided that until EA can address my concerns, I will not purchase any content, games, or product from their company. Furthermore, repeated efforts to shun customer service from this company have shaken my confidence as a shareholder. As part of a mutual fund, I am unable to directly sell my share of the company, so, instead, I am quite determined to write the analysts for this mutual fund and share my concerns with them about the future success of EA. Naturally, the efforts of myself alone will do little to enact change from such a large corporation. If any others should share my concerns and wish to join my efforts, please comment below to show EA that change will be required to maintain a customer base.

So, for the problems I have encountered....

1. Extra Points and Field Goals. This extra point and field goal system is flawed in multiple ways. The first flaw is the recording notification that will pop-up in front of the kick meter after a good play or touchdown. This obscures the meter and makes a properly timed kick nearly impossible. The second flaw is the scripted nature of a blocked field goal or extra point. Despite the fact that a kick can be measured as ‘perfect’, the kicker will stand still and run up to the ball much more slowly than usual, giving the defender much more time to run up to the ball and block it. This seems to take over as an animation, giving the sense that each blocked kick is scripted.
2. ‘Broken’ Defensive Player. Occasionally, a player on the defense will ‘break’ and not assume proper formation. Normally, I have noticed this happen with safeties in Cover 3 formation, where the safety remains near to the huddle and does not move. This occurs without a user controlling the character. Very rarely, this occurs on a pass play where the cornerback will stop running as soon as the ball is thrown.
3. Game Engine Physics. The base engine running the game seems to have flawed physics. This includes the ball physics, where a pass can be deflected and have a higher velocity than when it was thrown. While possible, this is a highly improbable scenario, as the defender would have to exert an extreme force on the ball. This is a minor problem of the physics engine. The larger problem is when the game is handling contact between three different players. The player that runs into the other two seems to ‘stick’ to any blockers that they might run past. There isn’t much of a feeling of ‘running into’ someone on your own team so much as ‘sticking’ to them.
4. Drive Goals. Quite often, a drive goal will have a highly improbable scenario. My defensive goal was once for my starting quarterback to get an interception. This isn’t possible given that he doesn’t play defense. Along with this point, the game goals often count statistics that shouldn’t be counted. (Eg. Game goal of 4 passing touchdowns and it will count any touchdowns towards that goal.)
5. Spot of Ball. Very often, I have had the game mess up with spotting the ball. There have been plays where I have sacked the quarterback deep in the endzone, and the ball is placed on the one or two yard line instead of counting a safety. Other times, I have been given a touchdown, when very clearly the running back was down before the ball crossed the plane of the endzone. Yet at other times, a clear first down (by a yard or two) is not counted.
6. Injuries. The Madden 18 injury system is entirely broken. At the default level, I lose most of my best players within two games of a franchise starting. The system in general seems biased to injure the highest rated players.
7. Onside Kick Camera Angles. When receiving an onside kick, the camera angle is quite terrible. Often times, the entire play is over before the camera has finished shifting to the other side. This means that there is no opportunity to influence the outcome of the play.
8. Repeating False Start Penalties. On occasion, I have played against an AI opponent that commits a repeating false start penalty. Sometimes is just twice, but I have had this happen up to five times in a row. This makes for a ridiculous situation such as 1st and 35.
9. The Hit Stick. The hit stick does not seem to have a properly designed bit of code behind it. There does not seem to be any guidance as to how far from the ball carrier one should be before using the hit stick. I have had it work from up to five yards out and I have had it fail when my player was half a yard out. The worst occurrence of this is when the quarterback throws to a wide receiver and I switch to the cornerback or safety and execute a hit stick. I might only be a yard out, and the defender only does a very generic hit-stick motion in air and fails to target the receiver.
10. Can’t Snap the Ball. I’ll admit, this one’s rare. That doesn’t mean it should happen. Several times with the game, I have had a bug where I am unable to snap the ball, despite the repeated attempts to do so.
11. Improper Facemask Call. Recently, I seem to be seeing a lot more of this happen. When I tackle a runner who is in front of me, the defender occasionally grabs his face mask. I understand this happens in the game of football, but I don’t see how a defender who has hit somebody at knee level travelling the opposite direction could possibly reach up and grab them by the facemask as well. This would require an arm length that is not physically relevant in the game of Madden.
12. Scripting. Certain plays are entirely scripted. Anyone who has played their fair share of Madden 18 has seen a scripted play.
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