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My problem with H2H Salary Cap and Weekend league.

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edited October 2018
I stopped playing weekend league and I may stop playing H2H salary cap games for the following reasons:

1. It's very rare that I play an opponent that is not completely abusing the AI. If they're not running the same completely unsound defense all game, then they're surely running the same offensive play all game.

I'm all for the "chess match", in fact that's what I love most about this game (when it's not being abused) however Madden is more frequently like a chess match if your opponent were successfully moving their pawn on an unstoppable slant route saying "check mate" every turn.

There's just too many ways to ignore football nuance and "throw it deep" or blitz your whole team or go for it and make it on 4th and 36. I always imagine if the original creators of chess decided to have a more liberal set of rules if it would look similar. Sure, you can put your king into severe risk in the first two moves, but it's ok because there's a money play that will completely absolve you of any accountability so don't worry about it.

2. The ability of all players to create an "ultimate" team really lowers the competitive nature of the game while also removing the distinct strengths and weaknesses that all "real" teams have. For example, today Jerry Jones said that the Cowboys haven't had a real number one receiver in several years. He went on to say that he meant someone like Julio Jones or DeAndre Hopkins.

In H2H MUT games, everyone has like four of those guys, and I would argue that not even an all-star defense is really equipped to stop that kind of offense because of the current passing rules and lack of AI (see above).

There are other positions like this as well, like defensive end. There's only one Khalil Mack in the NFL, which creates unique problems for teams that play the Bears, yet in our game everyone has two great defensive ends and there's no uniqueness about it. This creates a "best" way to make a team, a best way to play the game and a best way to quit the game (when you've had enough).

I know I probably can't expect a lot of change this year, but it would be great if EA would consider a shift towards balanced strengths and weaknesses and away from min/maxed teams that all look and play the same.
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