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Score more TDs, gain more yards and defensive points and lose

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edited October 2018
Let's just take a poll... who here wants to play a football game where you can score more touchdowns, gain more yards and defensive points and still lose?
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  • 10 views and no one has chimed in to say they WANT a football game they can score more TDs and yards and lose.
  • @PaxRomana1974 I liked this game mode, I feel a greater dynamism compared to other seasons, but I can not deny that these bonuses and scores are a little complicated to understand.

    I think a nice solution to solve that mess, would be to simplify the score.

    For example, consider 7 points for each touchdown, 3 points for the Successful Field Goal, 1 ~ 3 points for each coach challenge (based on the coach level), 2 points per turnouver, and a bonus point for each category (yards per carry , yards per pass).

    In the end, I think it would be simpler to understand, because the scores usually look like a real game. But is just a idea, so that everyone can enjoy to the fullest and understand everything in the game ^-^
  • The OD game mode graphics are great and when EA's algorithm isn't against you it's an absolute blast to play.

    The issue is EA is force feeding a Pressure points scoring system that literally NO ONE wants. I mean no one. If you want to change the scoring system that means you're not in favor of the current one.

    If EA disagrees than EA can take an official poll but they can't because their entire fan base is against it. We play it because of redeeming factors but those factors are being stretched thin.
  • Yeah no one likes overdrive except the people that put thousands of dollars into EAs pocket by buying their team and having high power. cause they're the only ones winning in overdrive... especially now with all the limits on plays. I can understand spending some money here and there because we actually miss being able to open packs like when we would get rewards for events like Most Feared or Ultimate Freeze (and on a side note your reward packs for overdrive are horrible...I couldn't care less about getting 1200 coins and 800 xp), but those people who just flat out spend $100 dollars everytime to get one card are ridiculous. You didn't earn your team... you bought it. Why even play?
  • Pax, spot on. I wanna know is how I can go on a 12 game losing streak lose 150K fans and only manage a 4 game winning streak, I think the answer is simple, they don’t want you to win, even after doing the grind and the time it took to do it. Spent days getting fans and lost them in a few hours, makes no sense
  • The bottom line is this... they want you to get so frustrated that you end up spending money to make your team better. That's what overdrive is all about. why do you think the rewards are so bad now and all you get are badges or tokens instead of getting cold and elite players the way we used to like in most feared or the Easter event. it's all about getting us to spend $$$$
  • I was playing a game once, and was up by almost 600 points with like 3 seconds, and it flashed up on the screen "Alvin Kamar 645 points" and I lost. I don't know how you score 645 points on a play, but my opponent did.
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