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Rising Stars Exchange (and prior events)

EA, the community is begging to add another flip of the players cards (or the data inserted anywhere on the card) to reveal what the player will exchange for whether it be Training Power or Comets or whatever event the player is a part of.

It seems awfully suspicious to offer us 1500 Madden Cash for a guaranteed 80 RS elite only to find that elite can only be used for Training Power and not (as one would naturally deduce) comets...


  • +1.. so we spent 1500 cash in order to get what????? 2500 tp??? Hahaha are you serious??? I am expecting an answer by EA member..
  • they are changing the exchange rate on all promos! This is the same with the color clash promo! You getting too greedy now!!!
  • So I spend 1500 cash in order to get golf player to exchange him for 200 to?? Rofl.. thanks but no more money to them
  • A multi BILLION dollar company with their own Forum specifically to help their customer base and NO RESPONSE!

    Jump on a free website forum where no one gets paid and you can get a response in 3 minutes but 10,000 minutes isnt enough time for EA to respond.

    EA are you going to remove my post because I'm being "rude" about how you treat customers or some other bogus TOS to try and make yourself look better?

    How far are your customers of this game away from a legit class action lawsuit or do you think there's already enough evidence?
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