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Update October 16th

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Hi guys, here's a list of the changes brought in yesterday's update, HSD posted them up on reddit.

Level Cap Increase from 50 to 60
  • Unlock 4 new Coaches and 4 all-new Legendary Captains

Maximum Captain level increased from 15 to 20
  • Train your Captains up to 92 OVR to keep up with the game’s top players

XP added to many live events
  • Many live events now award XP on the first win

Feats Added
  • 10 Special Achievements
  • Every Feat has five tiers that award major bonuses to XP
  • Complete all Feats at each Tier to earn large bonuses in XP, Coach Whistles, Captain’s Badges, and Training Points
  • Complete all Tier 5 Feats to earn 98 OVR Feats Master Jalen Ramsey

Overdrive Milestones Added
  • Earn Overdrive Trophies from ranked Overdrive Matches
  • Earn more Trophies at higher divisions
  • Earn extra Trophies by using different Captains and Coaches in Overdrive
  • Claimable Achievements, 2 day cooldown
  • As you earn trophies, automatically receive rewards at certain milestones
  • 50 Milestones From 2,500 to 1,000,000
  • Rewards are primarily blitz tokens with extra rewards every 10 milestones
  • Culminates in an 85+ OVR player for reaching the final milestone
  • Milestone Achievement resets every Overdrive Season, and rewards can be re-earned

Overdrive Rewards refocused
  • Matches award XP, Trophies, Blitz Tokens
  • Overdrive Packs (4 hour cooldown) now award XP, Blitz Tokens, Whistles and Patches

Madden Bonus Pack Added
  • Replaces daily bonus pack
  • Available every 6 hours instead of once a day
  • Now awards Blitz Tokens and Film Reels
  • Gives an additional alternative to Overdrive for collecting blitz tokens

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/MaddenMobileForums/comments/9og0pq/changes_coming_tomorrow/
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