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Madden NFL 20 - Gridiron Notes: October Title update

Check out the Gridiron notes on our title update and share your feedback here

New League Meant For Responsible Adults

The Name of the league is called "Republican Party".
That's it. It's just a name. ;)
Open to any active members of any OVR rating.
Search for AGBandit and the Red "A" Logo



  • I'm an adult..54. I played years ago in leagues and tourneys...09 was my last year.. I decided to play again now that my kids are grown and moved out...I am partial to 49ers....I do not like mut or franchise...thanks.
  • Howdy Outlawx49,

    You're more than welcome to join us as I'm 41 myself.
    If you find that our league is full, don't fret as we kick inactive members nightly at around 9pm cst.
    So we should have room for new members to join every night. Hope to see you on!
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