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Pre-snap to post-snap strafe/slow move GLITCH

If you are slowly shuffling or strafing towards the line on defense, pre-snap, and the ball is snapped during the movement, the player will be frozen in a strafe posture, and only slowly shuffle, regardless of whether you push sprint or change the movement. Obviously madden immediately takes advantage of you, because your player is doing terribly. The pre-snap movement was better on release before the patch. Why the phantom shuffle retreat. Why make it harder for small pre-snap movement, NFL players have complete control over where they place themselves.

Aside, i put the game down for a couple weeks, and there seems to be a new "hole" in the corner behind the DB and under the Safety. A drastic change is gameplay.

Is the game moving slower than usual?

Please fix the "frozen in strafe" problem, its terrible, and you created it with the presnap patch, because it wasnt there before.


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