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Halloween Event!

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Hey Everyone,

Halloween is here! Check out our variety of exciting things to do and collect including:

Free Halloween pack redeemable every hour that contain your choice of Most Feared currencies. These will be available for 24 hours starting at 10:30am EST.

Halloween Pack - Select 2 of 5 of (1 hour cooldown):
  • 100 Lightning
  • 250 Scarabs
  • 170 Wolves
  • 135 Bats
  • 400 Popcorn

New live events starting at 7pm EST on each of the Most Feared hubs. Beating these events will reward various types of new Candy themed items (Candy Pieces, Candy Bars, and Lolipops). There will be some events that will stay up from 7pm-12am in all the hubs, and there will be some events that rotate at different times.

Each candy type can be collected and traded in for different rewards:
  • Trade in 100 Candy Pieces for a popcorn variety pack
  • Trade in 100 Candy Bars for a Gold+ Most Feared Player
  • Trade in 100 Lolipops for an Elite+ Most Feared Player

Additionally, there will be achievements for completing each candy exchange a certain number of times:
  • Complete Candy Pieces Exchange offer 5 times to unlock the Most Feared Swamp Logo
  • Complete Candy Bars Exchange offer 3 times To unlock the Most Feared Official Jersey
  • Complete Lollipops Exchange offer 1 times to unlock Wembley Stadium

For those that want to go after the big prize you will need to complete all of the following:
  • Complete Candy Pieces Exchange offer 10 times
  • Complete Candy Bars Exchange offer 5 times
  • Complete Lolipops Exchange offer 2 times

This will award:
  • Non-Auctionable Diamond Player [M.F. Throwback Players & Swamp Invaders] (select 1 of 5)
  • 500 Madden Cash

In the store you will find new packs that award award candy and can be purchased with Madden Cash or coins. There will also be two limited edition Trick or Treat 92 OVR players available for purchase with Madden Cash.

Between the free packs and the new events there will be a lot of opportunities to make progress on the most feared bosses before this program ends!

Happy Halloween!
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  • When is the last day to redeem the 89 over bosses? cause i'm gonna be irritated as hell if I miss it. it's 830p Halloween night in hawaii and i'm collecting popcorn and waiting till the last minute.
    also when is the last day for the Halloween events. the timer implies nov 1st.... is this correct?
  • EA_David
    308 posts EA Community Manager
    edited November 2018
    It's my understanding that you'll have at least another day yet for the M.F. event, with it running until tomorrow's reset.

    Halloween events were only up for a few hours, and are down now.
  • Yeah i’m Not a fan of these short events as those that don’t live in the states miss out unless you stay up all night, very one sided and biased towards the USA.

    So those that live outside these time zones lose out and have to pay to compete which is very unfair.
  • acehigh - totally agree! I am a UK user, use the game loads and spend money, but can’t be up all night for special events. Make it a bit fairer EA!
  • You have to pay no matter what Most feared was not obtainable by grinding
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