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Re do the Ranked Leaderboard system like 2012

Now a days you got play 1000 games to be top100. A 600w-400L record will be in top 100 and 200w-50L won’t . Point being if you lose a game you don’t lose points like previous point system.You merely just stack points and losses mean nothing. Why did you change this because the overhaul to Xbox one in madden 25 from 360 platform was to much? Also you should be able to accept players in ranked online matches according to 5 star cheese rating . Even if you don’t want show there record at least show this to weed out the nano blitzer and scum kickers. Like kids got straight YouTube for op plays and glitches.I know a lot good people that work for EA but once you get pressured from the top on copies sold and dlc everything else falls waist side. I miss Rex!
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