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EA Come on and get back on track

If you want to make money you have to give people something to do with the cards you're selling. No one like Overdrive so that only really leaves League vs League which is only 3 games a day. But it's not just that; at RS comets for example. It takes 500 to get one 90 OVR. One can get maybe 10 a week unless there's a lucky pull. That mean it'll take 50 weeks to get the card and by then the season will reset. It's this way for just about everything. There's nothing to really grind, not much is really obtainable unless it's a lucky pull, and even if all goes ones way there isn't anything to do but play OD mode....

Bring back tournaments, make cards actually grind-able and build-able, bring back H2H, be creative with promo's, hell maybe even add a Draft Kings like fantasy football option in game for us to win cards or play against league teammates to win stuff. There is tons of content in this game not being used because the goal is to turn a profit and not to make the game fun.

Make a game fun and the money will come. Build a game streamlined to make money and you'll just lose money and players. It's not rocket science it's simple marketing.


  • I cannot recall a time where I've seen such a large customer base so ready to spend money on a game and an electronic development game company that for whatever reason has no interest in making the game fun the way all the customers want it to be made fun.

    It is absolutely extraordinary how badly they've messed up a video football game. This has been said before and I'll say it again the backbone of the game is over drive and in that mode you can score more touchdowns have more yards and have more defensive points and still lose the match due to pressures that is an absolute tragedy of failure it is a giant bucket of failure being poured on the heads of everyone who plays a football game.

    Now add on to that the fact that we've all discovered that most of the overdrive matches are heavily manipulated so that one player wins or loses rather than it being purely about skill and how much time, effort and moeny someone has put into the game....just wow.

    EA events are more complicated than a college kid can handle. Literally you have to go onto multiple forums just to understand how to play EA's own events.

    Most everything that has been intuitively learned from playing the game for three years may or may not apply towards this game so spend all of your coins on a player so that you can do something just to find out that player won't work because EA. I. E. Only non auctionable players exchange for this while auctionable players exchange for a different currency...

    Let's be real here, overdrive mode is an absolute dumpster fire! There's so much wrong with it, there might actually be more wrong with it than there is right with it... But it looks pretty...
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