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Madden NFL 19 - November Title Update


  • Any chance we get a player likeness update this month? Last one we got was Oct 15...C'MON MAN
  • Please Address the camera for CFM defenseive players please add a my player mode thank you
  • It doesn't seem like they addressed the camera issue in CFM. You cant have the camera behind the defense as a created defensive player. Very frustrating.
  • A glitch in Franchise Mode where changing an NFL player's name, would cause them to have no head. Please fix.
  • These updates sound good. I am looking forward to updating and trying them out. Thanks for fixing the kick glitch that pinned you to the sideline, when it should have gone out of bounds for a penalty against the kicking team.
  • The saints playbook really needs split close and the patriots playbook really needs more toss plays they run more tosses then what’s in the game
  • I also have seen tons of teams run a bubble screen out of gun bunch and we have absolutely nothing like that in madden 19 out of gun bunch would be cool so see that
  • Why are there no toss plays out of information weak I don’t understand that the only 1 is in run heavy and I know teams run tosses out of weak formations
  • Pats playbook should atleast have tight slots toss and I form tight and i form strong
  • There is something seriously wrong with the bubble screen out of single back trio as well they do not block on the bubble screen and I know I have seen the patriots in single back trio the jets are not the only team to run that formation
  • Franchise mode .. Please get rid of the new upgrade for players and go back to allowing us the freedom to improve are own players.. This is Horrible
  • Pats playbook Single back trio
    Single back ace Hb pitch
    Single back ace slot hb toss strong
    Single back tight slots hb pitch
    I form tight hb toss
    I form slot hb toss
  • Can we get QBs to fumble sometimes when getting sacked in the pocket? I mean it happens a good bit in real life!
  • Great job! Looks like Madden is going in the right direction.
  • ******Please for the December update address the simulated WR Franchise stats. Top WR barely make 1000+ yards receiving in simmed seasons right now. You'll have like 4-5 WR on your team with 800 yds. Look at the NFL league receiving leaders right now. Through 10 games played Julio Jones has almost 1,200 yds receiving. In a simulated madden season, these receivers are lucky to make it to 1,100 in 16 games.
  • I’ve been playing a lot of franchise since the beginning of CFM. Why don’t you have a history page under stats or NFL records?
    I’m writing down every season who the winners was which year, but why not have it in the game?
    Super Bowl winners list, MVP, other awards? It would make it so much more meaningful to play 5 seasons and take a look back to see the winners.

    Another thing is that it would be nice to see player stats with a team name. So you can tell that the player was playing in “Ravens” the first 4 years and then....
  • In a past update the stadiums that were able to retract the roof, i.e. Arizona, Dallas, etc. what about when you build a new stadium? I built the Delux Hybrid Stadium that clearly shows the roof to be retractable. I’ve had the stadium for 4 seasons and the roof has yet to retract or open. Ironically the Buffalo Bills play in the same stadium and they’re roof is retracted and open all the time specifically at 1pm kickoff. Why don’t you give the user the ability or option to open or close these roofs.
  • Can you guys fix the QB rushing stats (simulation)? Rushing Quarterbacks are only Rushing the ball like 20 times for 40 yards on the season. It's just not realistic.
  • The compare stats with your last opponent played feature still does not work. Is this going to to be fixed anytime soon? Or are they disabling this feature? Which would be a shame since I only play online H2H.
  • Legend chems on team captains and HOF PLAYERS and program masters Calvin Johnson and Walter Payton these guys are all legends and not a single one of them have legend chems available but Lawrence Taylor does for someone like me who runs legend chems it’s already hard enough because only legends get the chems but add my Calvin Walter Payton terrel owens and Shannon sharpe that is x8 I’m missing out on and every single one of the team captains and HOF PLAYERS are legends can we PLEASE FIX THIS
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