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Madden NFL 19 - November Title Update


  • Please put Teddy Bridgewater's likeness face back into the game.
  • Well I was playing in my solo battles. EA servers decided to kick me in my third game as my internet was working properly and give me a did not finish for my points. Which I was about ready to place in the top 10 Saturday had almost 55k with two games left. So I contacted you to see what they would do to help me to tell me how to fix the bug problems but not tell me that they would help me by rewarding me with some rewards for getting kicked. I put a lot of money into this game or enjoy playing it and for the little that we get for playing solos and stuff like that you know I lost 3 hours in my day today playing that game and for them not to receive any of my rewards for something I can't control very very annoying feel like just giving me a tour game bag so I my coins and being done with it if they are going to not even help or do something to fix the all the coins rewards I lose
  • Please add some outside runs to the near and far formations. These formations are unique and fun but are almost unusable without an outside run.
  • Team diamonds can we please do a second part to team diamonds that program was so sick and you guys have never done anything diamond like that it would be cool to do a part 2 with 2 players from each team 1 offense 1 defense
  • How about they fix the issues with getting DNf in solo battl3s when ea servers kick you. I was in my 3rd game and would of finished top 10 instead get a 0 for my score. And miss out on big rewards. And all ea says is nothing they can do. Which is a big laugh .
  • 0ldPizza
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    Please address the season stats some of them aren't adding up qb rushing stats or RB receiveing stats DB are overrated and easily upgraded the new attribute system suck because the game isn't build on real physic yet you guys sell real player motion but the ball doesn't have real trajectory.. it should be over a 50 tackle/takedown animations more realism less mut (fantasy)

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  • I'm having lots of problems when I'm usering a player on defense or switch to a DB picking the ball off like I can't jump like in the beginning of the first patch my players are 96 shaz, 91 Derwin, 91 slay, 92 Hayward but 94 Deion doesn't have that problem though
  • Can you update RAVENS PLAYBOOK, need pistol formations for Lamar jackson....would be awsome!!
  • Saints run more screen plays then any other team in the nfl bubble screens misdirection screens every kind of screen and they don’t have any good screens bubble or misdirection and I have deff seen them in split close and they don’t have that either crazy I watched them do like 3 bubble screens today and they have 1 I think
  • The pats and saints playbooks just need to get combined they are far and above everyone else offensively and what each playbook is week in the other playbook has
  • bugworm3
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    CFM POST.......bring back the drafted list. I can’t see who’s been drafted beyond the last pick. Bring back the ability to build any stat of your choosing...arc type is great as far as fitting your team scheme to get more XP vs someone who doesn’t fit your team but I should be able to customize my player any way I choose. Not by catagory. And lastly, XP allocation is badly distorted. O-line and d-line hardly get anything with default settings. Outside of QB,RB and CB XP seems to be none existent. If you draft a 75 overall linemen it takes 10 years just to get him in the 80-82 range.
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  • Hey EA you want simple feedback. Go play Madden 12 Franchise mode (ya the game you created and than gutted )put all the features in there back in with the commentary. Plain and simple. You can even market it as new features if makes you feel better.
  • LEGEND CHEMS all HOF players team captains Ricky Williams harvest master and most feared masters are all legends but can’t get legend chems I don’t understand that Lawrence Taylor and Deion Sanders can but all the offensive masters and ALL captains and HOF PLAYERS and level master are legends but can’t get legend chems that’s all I run is legend chems and how does that work it’s alteady hard enoufh to max out all legends should have legend chems available masters or not please fix this I get why you can’t add a psychical chem but legend chems shouldn’t be a problem seeing how all chems are available
  • In connected franchise while playing as a player has the defensive perspective camera been brought back yet?
  • can you edit the dive making it able to stretch the ball in certain situations: like goalline first down stretches(extending the ball)

    Cons: More fumbles

  • Please in next update fix the players shoulder pads alot of them are to big or it seems as they have a hump back. Also fix players calfs, legs. If you go to rosters, alot of players legs do not match there body type. A 10 is a 1. A 1 is a 10. It makes no sense.
  • StereoT
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    0ldPizza wrote: »
    Please Address the camera for CFM defenseive players please add a my player mode thank you
    It doesn't seem like they addressed the camera issue in CFM. You cant have the camera behind the defense as a created defensive player. Very frustrating.

    In connected franchise while playing as a player has the defensive perspective camera been brought back yet?

    And even with a few improve it looks like another month of EA not listening or responding and bringing back a simple defensive camera on cfm. A camera mode that is available on every other mode but cfm as a player!!

    PLEASE bring this camera back would love to play some immersive defensive player careers with the new real motion physics.

    Also on a lower note when will the issue with the new celebrations feature where the celebrations are cut out by replays ?
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  • Update more players!!!! Such as Donte Jackson for the Carolina Panthers
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