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Madden NFL 20 - August Title update

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  • I see you guys patched the cpu running game now you need to patch the cpu quarter back from making such stupid throwing choices especially when I’m the user and it is so easy to get pick make the cpu qb more competitive
  • Kerryon Johnson Player Likeness!
  • Players be walking while plays are going ea really have them block somebody as apose to just walking while everybody else is running
  • The new formation split pro and etc has running plays that are so slow to the point that you cannot even run them such as hb sweep fb belly etc
  • ejdahypaaa
    68 posts Member
    edited November 2018
    I see you patched the cpu running back now it’s time for you guys to patch the cpu qb and make it more realistic with the decisions they make I’m
    Tired of getting easy interceptions with my user they throw it right at me
  • And some players will start walking as the play is going on while everyone is running that is annoying as well you guys need to patch that
  • Fix the stamina issue as well in franchise ea your stamina bar should not run out that fast because I see online it does not do that so you guys need to fix that as well
  • There are holes in some of the back of the players helmets fix that
  • When are you going to address the terrible trade metrics? After 5+ years because they are so poorly aligned it makes the game stupid. This shouldn't be something that is hard, because there are already metrics in place for the draft picks in the 'actual' NFL (there is a scorecard point system). In Madden, for example I have had the #5 pick in the draft, and the suggested trades are for the #27 pick and that is all. Also picks in the current year are worth more than picks in later years, which doesn't work in Madden presently. Then there is the whole player to player trade debacle that needs to be addressed, given I have even created dummy franchises and juiced players to 99 and can't trade for a 80 rated player without offering 'significantly more' (and yes, I have made it the 'need', I have addressed the age, et al). The trade metrics are terrible and make the game really hard to want to play as the years go on and the current stars retire (especially when coupled with the mess that is player development now).
  • Would love to see in Madden 20 if in Franchise, you all made personality ratings an editable rating. Players gain and lose popularity during the course of their careers, it it should be reflected in Madden.
  • Why don't you guys just let people download the updates from here???
  • Make these downloads available!!!
  • Some players legs in franchise are way oversized
  • We need moire celebrations in franchise
  • Tired of seeing the same team celebrations
  • Make the franchise playoffs more interesting and competitive
  • jdschif
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    edited November 2018
    Can you flip the background for the franchise training? It's annoying to not be able to see the text because of the bright lights from the window - until the coach walks in front of it.

    On the "load franchise" screen. Add a column that shows your status in each league (showing the opponent, or score recap if game is completed.. Or, at least showing if you've checked "ready to advance". ... Something so we can see, at a glance, if we have action pending or not in each league.)

    Have the "Last Played" option indicate which league it will be directing you to.

    Notify when making a trade (when one team has played already and the other hasn't) the reason a trade needs to be postponed. Now, it sometimes simply tells the offering team "declined" even when you click "accept".

    Allow coaching formation subs for custom playbooks
  • I really hope from here on out all legend masters have psychical chems and legend scheme chems it’s very frustrating that legends like Ricky Williams Calvin Johnson Walter Payton and HOF players do not have legend chems available so please fix this for
    People that run legend chems like me need those chems you can only get them with legends and when half the legends there not available for is just unacceptable all those players are legends
  • Also make the hb counter plays out of shotgun better developed they are ran so slow you get hit by the linebacker so fast
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