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November Title Update

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Hey Madden Community,

The Title Update released today focuses strictly on Madden Ultimate Team live service content that will be used for future programs. There are no gameplay or Franchise updates in the Title Update.

Stay tuned to the EA Forums and @EAMaddenNFL for more details on upcoming news.



  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nu6QhdbKZT4

    Will the next update fix this glitch?
  • Tcneak1
    4 posts New member
    Just bad quarterback skills to be honest.
  • Good job always fixing what brings money in ... not the actual issues.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nu6QhdbKZT4

    Will the next update fix this glitch?

    Play Action kills that glitch. If you do a playaction pass it will negate the quick blocksheds.
  • yush34
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    edited November 2018
    Learn how to slide protect That blitz isn’t that bad at all

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  • EA_KRAELO wrote: »
    There are no gameplay or Franchise updates in the Title Update.

    Given the amount of bugs and issues that still exist in Franchise (and have been well documented on the forums, i.e. play action sacks still not counting), this month's patch only being for the micro-transactions mode is most distressing.

  • this is crazy how is there no updates for fran mode fix the damn game play sacks dont count my 98 wr is getting caught by 87 speed, when i int a ball my player loses stamina so fast it isn't even funny
  • hopefully they have another update this month for game play and fran
  • Yes i agree they need to address the issues with defense players like lbs n dbs being used by a user and they movement n stamina doesnt deplete at all smh they need to nerf the lbs movement and stamina
  • I would like to see more player likeness updates this month.
  • You just need to keep practicing.
  • this update is a joke
    no gameplay changes no player likeness nothing for franchise players.. gj EA keep running kappa
  • hope u release anohter uptdate soon this is such a big disappointment
  • nvm the 2nd update is amuch bigger disappointment^^
  • An MUT update without more solo challenges seems like a waste of time..... not enough content this season. Not every one can play solo battles, seasons, squads, champions, or draft due to premium services. Some of us can't afford the additional cost, so we can only play the solo challenges. Seems like this year is being phoned in. Not sure if I'm the only one that feels this way but this is rediculous.
  • Fabo93085 wrote: »
    Good job always fixing what brings money in ... not the actual issues.

    Honestly.... when you put it this way, but of course. Why would they bother fixing what does not bring money in. I know what you're trying to say but the way you wrote it, who can be mad at them??
  • It's not a glitch. Play action kills it as mentioned before....also if you slide protect correctly it will negate the sheds. EA stop patching things that aren't broken and force users to use the tools in the game that will prevent things from happening.
  • Madden needs cleat customization!!! Every week I'm watching players wear different color cleats...all different variations on the field but not all the same colors..black and white/white and black...white and team color 1or2/ black and team color 1or2...team color 1+2 or team color 2+1...all white...all black..all team color either 1 or 2. Allow users to customize each player like 2k does. It makes a difference in authenticity for the visual aspect. Plus a huge number of top 100 players without face scans needs to be addressed. Turf tape..tattoos also should be added to equipment
  • VoiceofHoops23
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    Burned Madden 19 tonight. The best update ever.

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