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Skipped again !!!!

Bottom managers being benched in freeplay ( LvL)

Any other league experiencing this problem?


  • And again!!!! Costing us members!!!! If you cannot find us a matchup then cancle and we will re search for one. How can EA set our lineup and choose who to bench? Unreal!!!!
  • Has happened to my league several times
  • They need to force a 32 team league or a 16 only. This has become ridiculous that too many teams are 20 2 12 18 29 ect....it is all over the board. 32 nfl teams 16 in a division. Be great to see this as a rule or get auto Os
  • EA you gotta fix this bug!!!! It’s getting worse. Bottom two managers getting benched!!!????
  • bamsouth333
    186 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    It’s hard enough to manage a league without bulljive like this...keeps happening.Just cancel the search and we can start another one PLEASE!!!! Stop setting our lineups
  • Why does this keep happening? I’ve been skipping the last 3 freeplay tournaments. Manger above me has been skipped last 2. I set lineup , save line up , start tourney and get skipped...wth is going on
  • are you at the bottom of your lineup?
  • Yep,I lost a few managers bc they got skipped so now I put myself on bottom
  • Are there less leagues now?this is ridiculous !!!! Takes 15-20 mins to find opponent.and then you (ea) take it upon yourself(s) to set our lineup. JUST CANCEL THE SEARCH!!!! Bottom managers shouldn’t be benched!!!
  • Not only is benching managers getting worse,,, but now if we boot someone for not agreeing to our terms, we play their new league the very next tournament (lvl). How is that possible ??? It’s happened 3 times now . I caught screen shots this time and will do if ( when) it happens again. We was a 27-32 manager league ,daily grinders ,npns league that EA has completely dismantled bc of hoe **** tactics.
  • Completely agree that this needs to be changed. We have players dropped frequently. When we are matched we wind up with an opponent with players who move from team to team (top 100 teams usually).
  • Top 100 9/10 times
  • kelleysheros
    259 posts Member
    edited February 2019
    Do something
  • So hard this time of year to get manages to join your league. I’m totally for a 24hr cool down before they can inter freeplay(LxL). EA has been benching at least 2 managers all season , but lately it’s been baaaad.
  • This NEEDS to be changed. If there is no matchup, roll the team to the next half hour time window. After dropping one or two members, we wind up with top 100 teams. Competition is great, but too much is not.
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