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Please: HUGE PROBLEM: Frozen in strafe glitch ... please fix

When you control a user defender pre-snap, and are moving or shifting as the ball is hiked, there is glitch where the player is frozen in strafe, meaning he can only walk around, cannot sprint, and looks completely foolish as he walks around, and your entire defense gets exploited.

Its becoming a terrible problem, and all I am focused on is not moving the wrong way pre-snap to avoid this glitch. But it happens all the time. When it happens I think man this game completely sucks.

This was not a problem, before you guys changed the pre-snap motion, to get rid of the hip wiggle, and actualy restrict the movement. Also you guys added that automatic back peddle after you finish moving a defense player, for absolutely no reason.

Please have the developers play the game, and try approaching the line presnap with some movement, anticipating the snap. You will see this terrible frozen in shuffle mode that the defender goes into. Then have them run, dont walk, to the programing boards, and fix this piece of code. I can look past all other madden indiscretions and flaws, but not this one that is ruining the game play on a regular basis.

Please dear christmas fix the pre-snap movement frozen in strafe glitch.

A couple other small ones: relating to real football. When a player is driven backwards before going out of bounds, if the ball spot was in bounds, because of forward movement, and the player is driven out backwards: the clock doesnt stop ... a real football thing.

I want to commend you guys on maybe fixing the CPU intentional grounding problem because I'm not seeing it.

Nickle 2-4-5, is supposed to have 4 linebackers, but it still puts DE's in the package. We pay attention to everything.

Also a big thanks in franchise mode for fixing the Merchandise: Jersey Sales, to the best players and not the worst, it feels so much better now.

My goodness the presnap frozen in strafe thing is killing me....

Do me the solid

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