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LeagueDaddy. Twitter. Discord. Xbox ONE **Texans, Bengals, Falcons open yr 3 Draft Saturday**

Hey everyone. I'm TsoukalosUnload on Xbox One. We have a SIM play league on Xbox One called Xtreme Madden League. Are you tired of playing in Connected Franchise, winning the Super Bowl and not gaining anything out of it? Are you tired of playing lobby games and playing against people who run the same play OVER and OVER?

Well, that time is over now. Xtreme Madden League is an All-Madden Competitive Connected Franchise consisting of 32 ACTIVE users. We have structure, rules, everything you'd ever want in a league, we are sponsored on Twitter as well.

Our basic way of conversing with eachother will be through Discord. It's an app you can get on your phone, it's completely free, and any phone can run it. I've seen leagues have a lot of success and activity using the app. It's like AIM but 2018.

Xtreme Madden League Settings and Rules:
Difficulty - All-Madden
Game Style: Simulation
Speed: Normal
Game Time: 8 Minutes
Accel Clock: 20 sec

Rules: Play like what you see on Sunday. No nano blitzes, no running the same play, don't convert your HB to WR. No quitting or DC'ing. Play SIM, realistic football. But obviously our rules are greater than that, and you will read them when you join the waitlist Discord.

How to join: Join our Waitlist Discord, and you will see several steps. Follow those and you will receive a team.

WAITLIST DISCORD LINK: https://discord.gg/vqmMTmd

Join our Discord and join the best Madden community for Madden 19.
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