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MUT Squad Quitter Penalty Hurting Nonquitters

I am not here to argue the thinking behind creating a system that lets people quit a game and still receive credit, or the response to the very big quitter problem in MUT Squads.
Now, because of how the game handles giving rewards while ending a session...AFTER a game has been completed, I am seeing quitter penalties after finishing games.
What's worse is every time I finish a game that the other two players have quit, and received credit for my time, I get kicked out to the main menu and get a message, (that appears for a split second, and was only able to read after pausing the recorded gameplay), that I must wait 30 minutes to play again.
This band aid fix to a serious problem is not penalizing the quitters, it's actually hurting the honest players. Please find a way to fix the issue of the game counting a FINISHED game as a quit. Even better, do not allow quitters to receive any credit, then all of this goes away.
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