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Recruiting active competitive players!! Top 200 League!

Our league "Friends" is looking to add some more talent. We need guys who are competitive and want to win. Must always play all 3 drives when your in tourneys or you will be kicked. If you need a few days off or whatever just let us know ahead of time.

We are currently ranked like #170ish. But finding new members that play the game the right way is tough. 


Minimum overall must be 85. 

Dont throw interceptions on 1st and 2nd down. Running is way to OP to even be throwing on those downs. Hit me up or send in an app if you want in. Were a really chill group but we definitely enforce the rules. 

We also use the chat app called Line to have a much better communication network. We also have tons of good information and links all uploaded to that group. It's not a must join to be in our League but we strongly suggest it!


In game name is JohnnyGun #1. Overall is like 92 so if your searching our league and hit view you'll see me at the top.


PLEASE put in your application "saw on forums" when your applying. Hope to see some of you guys! 


League name -    Friends

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