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Matchmaking in LxL

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edited November 2018
How is Matchmaking determined in LxL? Is it determined randomly? Or it is determined by the algorithm that a league must necessarily have a relatively larger Ovr than the other.

My league is currently Top 5,000 in Ranking, and this week we face in 4 out of 5 days, leagues in the Top 400 ranking. (being that we faced the same league for two consecutive days).

Currently we have an average of 85.11 Ovr and we are facing leagues with an average of over 88.4 Ovr.

Being that most have 15 teams with Ovr 90 and a team with ovr 75, leading me to believe that this is to decrease that average , to face inferior leagues.

This last part is just my theory (but may be true, who knows), but I would like to understand how matchmaking is done, and what are the parameters that determine this.


  • Still no answer
  • EA_David
    308 posts EA Community Manager
    Sorry, I don't have any insight on the matchmaking algoithm. If I can find anything I'll put it up, but to be honest I suspect that I won't be able to get anything player-facing. If that changes I'll let you know.
  • I understand, it's a more technical question. I think developers would only know how it's done.

    As this process will not be revealed, I suggest a minor change in LxL. It could be done automatically by EA, and not manually as it is currently done, as the game resets daily, the LxL could be started automatically at 10:30 am.

    (This next idea, it's just a dream, if the first one was implemented, lol)
    The matchmaking up could be qualified by the Ovr, (for example an league with an average of Ovr 85, would face leagues with an average of Ovr 85.00 up to 85.99), and in order to not occur any mistake, the leaderbords, could be qualified by Ovr, too. In this way, players who spend money, would remain at the top, but would be extremely competitive, as I believe they would like it to be.
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