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Time for new playbooks, John

Madden programmers need to watch real NFL football, and then make new plays that look something like whats being run in the real NFL. There is a ton of motion in the NFL, almost none in Madden. Run Pass Options, non existent. Running from the shotgun, I'm not trying to lose -3 yards.

Madden has been slacking on the same old books, from maybe 10, maybe 20, years ago. The Flag rout was OP, last year, now its an automatic pick.

In real life, routes, are nuanced, only certain receivers can pull them off, curls, hooks, stutter go, fades, on and on. But in Madden, its just drag, slant, post, 9. That it, thats all we can run.

People talk about play action, but i never run that. The way the CPU cheats knowing the plays, play action is just a sack, and thats not fun.

We need some formations, please. Maybe just make a play designer option, and we'll make the plays ourselves. I know this will cause problems with the suspect design of defenses, and Madden wont be able to control outcomes, but something needs to improve. The plays are a relic from the 90s

Aside: CPU still intentional grounding

for god sake, please fix the glitch where players get stuck in "strafe" and cant run... its ridiculous



  • Yes why isn’t there intentional ground on the cpu ever and new plays and on and on and on i can go I’ve been saying these things over and over 😑
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    Agreed. It's been badly needed for years. And not just offense, but defense needs to be not only updated, but expanded. There needs to be stunts, EAT and TOE, run blitzes as well as pass blitzes, slo play stunts, etc. Defenses need to be disguised better.

    Offenses need shifts and motion as the OP said. There should be more misdirection, viable and varying screen games, and all playbooks need to be more team/coach specific. Just because Andy Reid is a 'west coast' guy, doesn't mean that the offense should still be 90% of what it was back in the Al Saunders/Richard Vermeil era.

    And for heaven's sake, put systems in place that eliminate the spamburgers with cheese!!! Give us an AI that actually gets wise to exploits. It's one thing to take advantage of mismatches, it's an entirely different abomination when the game's design just allows for the doo doo to happen over and over and the CPU players stay just as ignorant as the first 2-3 times a route, play, press, or blitz happened.

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  • Need to give ravens some realistic pistol formations and update the playbook for Lamar Jackson, should be your first playbook overhaul priority
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