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Delusional EA Developers

After watching that twitch live-stream by EA about Madden Mobile and the soon to come weekly tournaments, I came to a conclusion. After all the 4 months of feedback that the fans gave to EA and how much they HATED the overdrive game mode, EA and the delusional developers somehow fail to see that.

The weekly tournaments look amazing... until you realize that you need to play the broken game-mode overdrive for the tournament.. How is Overdrive broken? 1. Why am I going against people with 1,600 power and I only have 800. 2. Why is it that 1 half I dominate the guy and the 2nd half my QB doesn't even have 1 second to throw the ball. 3. Why do I get the worst awards from playing the worst game-mode? 4. Why is that my 90 OVR Pharoh Cooper cant catch a ball with 89 catch?


  • Its hurts my head to think about how ea can justify this garbage as anything but a complete **** show and horrible job by its team working on it this season. It is literally one **** show after another with ea and this season has been worse than ever. Every promo has new currency and over complicating needless crap. Ya have to relearn what exchanges for what and what can buy what. All the players only boost for that promo. No rhyme or reason to the players. Toty was a damn joke. 97 overall players with 93 overall stats. Now they've taken combine which has always been one of the better promos and completely turned it upside down and into a pile of **** too.
    I dont understand how ea doesnt check and make sure things work right before uploading them, or how they ignore their customer feed back on how bad the people working on this are destroying everything we all loved about this game.
    It's not that complicated. They dont need to reinvent the wheel with every promo or make it miserable to play like they have been. Maked zero since that they can be this bad and then continue to be this bad.
    If my guys @ work delivered a **** finished product to my customers over and over again and then upon having to back and fix the mistakes and garbage we made it worse. My God, no wonder so many long time players are quiting this game. The numbers may not have reached eas pockets yet but its bound to eventually. Ea is the single worst company I've ever seen. Ever! And its boggles my mind and everyone of the large community I play with minds that ea can be so careless, so thoughtless, so naive, & so horrible in delivering a qaulity product.
    The thought of ea going through each work day like they are doing a good job or them thinking anything more than how horrid a job they done and mess they've made of this game, makes me and everyone else sick. Yet ea continues to do the same crap over and over. They Obviously dont get it and they are not going to until they run their mobile game into the ground for good. Only reason anyone is still here is because of the monopoly they have on players and nfl rights. But it's almost to the point that not playing football on mobile is better than the waste of time this game has become because of eas ignorance and incompetence.
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