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Madden NFL 19 - December Title Update


  • Please let us be able to edit custom playbooks and have access to those play/formations when we edit team playbooks

    Please fix commentary when playing Franchise they say very few player names and tell same stories over and over. Have more play by play using at least last names on offense and D like you had years ago in Madden

    Let us play a player at any position. How many mobile QBs in NFL today are being used as WRs/RBs. Once again you use to have this in Madden.

    Fix XP. A player who makes the pro bowl shouldn’t get 1 XP for the year.

    Couldn’t agree more. Simple things to make the game more realistic. If it’s in the game I thought it was supposed to be in the game?
  • Get back and do some more Player Likeiness. Start adding some OL to the lists.
  • Make it so that you can be more than just one character in the Cloud Franchise. I’d like to do a legitimate draft without a team selecting a quarterback who doesn’t need a quarterback.
  • Make Long Snapper a position with rosters. And default punters to always be the holder for field goals.
  • Make it so you can edit draft classes outside of franchise mode. When the game crashes while I’m editing one, I lose everything.
  • Add the elbow tape on the back of arms as an editable equipment piece
  • 1. Add more player likeness, elbow tape, tattoos and cleat customization please!!!
    2. More First down taunts
    3. Crowd noise effects audible
    4. Player of the Game should have a highlight package shown at the end of the game and allow it to be saved to locker room in Franchise Mode.
    5. Actual Halftime show and Post game show with Highlight reels and stats.
    6. Game Performance graphic chart..show passes/runs to the LT RT MD under 5 +10 +20 etc. Last 5 possession result.

  • MrDollarMenu
    4 posts New member
    edited December 2018
    I just want to say great job play design team, you guys really brought the goods this year with cover 4 quarters and cover 4 psalms.

    New Play suggestions (for next madden, or eventually)

    1. Cover 3 buzz match from 3-4 and 4-3 formations.

    (The purpose of this play would be for several reasons. First, a defense can disguise their cover 3 with a two high shell pre snap. Second, the strong safety can provide run support, while the free safety can take away the deep post. Strong side stretch and deep post are my two main concerns vs pro formations, and this play would take away both, while disguising it as a cover 2 pre snap.

    2. Cover 3 cyclone for all defensive formations

    (A sister of cover 3 cloud, cover 3 cyclone would make the corner on the strong side of an offensive trips formation play the hard flat, and the rest of the secondary would rotate or “roll”. The purpose of this play is primarily to take away screens, quick passing game, and outside runs towards the trips side of an offense.

    3. Cover 2 Robber (inverted cover 2) for all formations

    (Exactly like the cover 2 side of cover 6 invert, cover 2 robber would switch the roles of the cornerback and safety to each side. The cornerbacks would take the deep 1/2’s and the safeties would drop down into the cloud/flat zone. The purpose of this play would be to show the quarterback cover 4 quarters but actually be in a cover 2 concept. This play would intercept a lot of deep outs and comeback routes, as well as provide 9 defensive players in run fits.)

    Just some suggestions for future madden games, I hope you like these suggestions. You guys have done a great job installing new plays this year, let’s keep it going!
  • For equipment updates, can you add the Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3? I’ve seen multiple players wear those cleats in the game. Can you also add the 808 facemask for the riddell speedflex. Mariota and Jalen Richard now wear that specific facemask.
  • ChargerDave15
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    edited December 2018
    Noticed improvement in h2h not giving loss to players when h2h fails to load, whether this is on your end or my opponent is getting savvy and is disconnecting his modem I do not know. But it's better. Cards if flash appear though still there is a decision even though game is not played. Completed a boss card Legend did not receive a sellable version when I coupled it with the powerup. Overall the game has been a real disappointment after 15 or so years of participating in Madden I doubt I will be involved next year.
  • Can we get real player physics for Madden 20'

    height disadvantages for Passing match up

    strength disadvantages for stronger lineman vs weaker lineman also applies on big hits and stiff arm situations

    see the difference from Faster players vs slower players

    Better ball trajectory make more passes fit in smaller Windows no matter how tight the coverage is

    Please update the weather system in all game mode base it on late summer thru early spring
    with Light/heavy rain/snow high winds high humidity for South teams freezeing temperature for North outdoor teams that effect overall game play as if it would in real life(contact FIFA for their weather system Madden needs it too)

    just some ideas to take in consideration for next year

  • Please remove the train horns. It really gives nothing to the game and is just a massive distraction.
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