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Madden NFL 19 - December Title Update



  • I doubt if my voice will be heard but am i the only one still having issues with the player speed. Im just not understanding why my 99 speed corner is getting burnt by 90 speed wide receivers and getting hawked down by 82 speed quarter backs when i make a interception. Also, once again EA you delivered us another madden with man coverage and awarness broken.
  • So when playing Madden 19 Online with other players, and somehow out of no where ,your Wi-Fi starts to lag, due to either low signal strength, heavy network traffic etc. And the connection is lost. Now when that happens Madden gives the player an " Lost. " in which I don't think its much fun. The other player receives a " Win ". Madden shouldn't give a win to neither player. The game should be forfeited due to the players network. I'm sure we agree on this  GOD Bless.
  • Will you all as a team of madden please watch and take notes from angry joe and ryan moody! They are trying to help you ea but you keep taking things out then add them to the game a decade later! Madden 09 and 19 have way too many similarities! The head of ea is turning the company into a mobile game on consoles! Please if you wont fix the gameplay then make the features in the menus actually with playing.get rid of long shot please no one is playing it! You want to do something like that then get with the live team that made the one! That's fun. Long shot is the worst thing to happen to madden.
  • Add chiefs captain patches. I saw Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce wearing them.
  • Please add chiefs captain patches. Patrick mahomes and Travis kelce are wearing them on their jerseys
  • I can't play this game anymore because of how broken it is! I am so glad I didnt buy this for sixty, because i still feel like i got ripped off at thirty dollars. The gameplay is so scripted I can't go one game without the fourth quarter turning into a interception touchdown battle. It's almost the same thing on sim mode! I get up 3scores going into the 4th and all of a sudden I'm down by two scores. I've played on all pro every year since 10, and this years addition I can't even play rookie without throwing an interception. From this year on I wont buy a madden or ea product because of their lack to make a user experience worth sixty dollars.
  • I have a question for the developers at EA. When you're cooking, and you realize the recipe needs a little more salt, do you dump the entire Mortons salt container in there? Or when the opposite occurs, and the dish could use a little less salt, do you completely omit salt from the recipe? I feel like you do. You guys at EA have zero concept of moderation. In madden 17, the receivers caught everything. No matter what they came down with the ball. Now receivers drop everything. If there is the slightest bit of contact they are dropping the ball. Or my personal favorite is when they drop the ball and it pops up 15 yards in the air only to be picked off by a defensive player. Or how about the defensive backs in this game... I really wish I could have a receiver that could go up and fight for a ball instead of staring at it and waiting for the ball to land softly in their outstretched hands as they watch the defensive back undercut the route (or completely go through them, which absolutely baffles me). I have yet to have a WR attack the ball, but for some odd reason defensive players can anticipate where the ball is going to be before the WR even knows and then they jump 40 inches in the air and snag it with one hand. TRUElY AN AUTHENTIC NFL EXPERIENCE. Lastly, get rid of the animation where my QB gets sacked and then spins and CHUCKS THE BALL TEN YARDS BEHIND HIM. This is what happens when there is zero competition in the market. You guys get complacent as you know people will end up buying the new title because there is LITERALLY NOTHING ELSE. I don't understand how there has been so much regression in this game as a whole. It is an absolute joke and you guys should be embarrassed by this product.
  • Also, can you please create an AI for the running back that isn't absolutely and 100% useless. They have zero vision. They miss enormous holes and instead elect to run into the back of the offensive lineman. They have no concept of down and distance. They shy away from contact when all they need is a yard but when they bust a big run they literally run back into the defensive players. I can't run the ball at all in career mode as a QB because it is so inconsistent and unreliable. Furthermore, why can't I earn points to improve all of my QB's attributes. Like for instance, their speed... A 65 speed QB is a young Tom Brady with a bad case of turf toe on both feet. I get chased down by 300 pound lineman and I also fumble anytime I get hit because my carrying is at a 65. I have tried adjusting the sliders to address all of these issues and they do nothing. This game frustrates me more than anything. You took NCAA away from us, the only thing that was even close to resembling a football game, and now we are left with this pathetic excuse for a football game. You give us all these dumb and insignificant bells and whistles when all we want is a solid game that is free of these blatant flaws. I don't expect perfection, but for the love of God can I get a game where I don't want to smash my controller half way through.
  • Thanks for ruining my evening.... AGAIN.
  • I don't know what has happened to the computer AI but it is so dumb down that you can throw the ball right at him and he will not react to intercept the ball you literally have to click on every player in the game for them to react, this is really horrible and making this game trash!
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