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Lost my Rookie Gauntlet reward players, EA support is reprehensibly bad

After choosing Vita Vea and D.J. Moore and spending my trophies, I somehow lost them. They are nowhere to be found and the deck is check marked as "Completed". The trophies used to "purchase" these players were consumed and I still don't have the players. I provided screenshots, made 2 phone calls, 3 separate chats, and am currently getting nowhere with the alleged "expert" that this was passed up to. Still, after multiple hours of dialog and chat, I haven't gotten to interact with a single customer service representative that has even a rudimentary understanding of the game. I have been told by EVERY ONE of them that these players aren't guaranteed and that the "packs are random". It's to the point that my last exchange with the "expert", I told him to simply GOOGLE IT. There are 5 players and you can "buy" 2 of them with the trophies. I'm at 4 days and I still can't get a customer service representative to be able to repeat back to me the problem that I plainly described and provided screenshots of. They keep replying with cookie cutter responses to OTHER issues and marking it as "resolved". Seriously, EA's customer support is useless and I'm about to walk away from the game entirely, as well future EA purchases. At this point, it's the principle of the thing. I'm tired of being treating like garbage by these people.
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