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  • -be able to have facescan for created players.[/quote]

    Being able to facescan or create our own faces/heads for players would be awesome! It would also be great to be able to change the size of players heads. There are too many heads that don’t match their bodies size wise. It’s so unrealistic!
  • doody5047
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    If we want change we have to effect they $$$ they have the leverage to be lazy because the have the rights from the nfl! If they had any competition this game would not be as bad, so as consumer we must stop giving them our money until we see change!! All we do is complain but still play why would they change for better when they still making the money!!
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  • Madden 20 Requests
    - Better career mode ( playing in Pro Bowl)
    - Add new plays and more creative auto motion plays and new sub formations like putting a WR in the backfield like real football especially in Shotgun . It will add more personel creativity
  • Madden 20 Wishlist
    -More Personel creativity ( putting fast WR like T.Hill in the backfield
    - New formations and plays stop copy and pasting the same plays. Like add auto motion plays, Add trick plays like RB passes or Wr passes ,
    - Be able to play the Pro Bowl in my career or regular play now games
  • xPats4Lifex
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    I am more of a fan of the customization aspect of the game and I have taken a lot of time to put together some things that Madden 20 should consider.... Madden video games have all been very similar in regards to creating custom players. One aspect I think would overall boost the likeliness of the game is a total revamp of character customization.
    1) Ability to Create Custom Faces
    - Madden used to have the ability to add GameFace which was a really cool and unique feature that would have been very popular and successful if we had the ability to create custom faces IN game. Games like NBA 2K and EA's UFC, NHL, and FIFA are great examples of this. Having the ability to fully customize players facial features, hair styles, facial hair styles, etc. would make the game so much better and make each created player much more unique especially when playing with friends with created players. Madden has an okay selection of pre-made faces but the sizes when applies to their bodies are sometimes very odd looking. Having the ability to have that selection of faces if they got fixed would be great but having the ability to make the faces unique and custom would be even better! Whether that was the ability to scale features, choose eye colors, hair styles, and facial hair like FIFA or being able to select features like certain eye shapes, noses ,etc like NBA 2K.
    2) Adding Tattoos (BOTH in Create a Player and Real Life Players)
    -One thing that Madden really needs to make the players look more realistic are tattoos. Madden does a great job with this and we got to see this on players like Odell Beckham Jr. and Collin Kaepernick. The tattoos they added to those two look EXACTLY like their real life tattoos. NBA 2K has the tattoos on every single player and does a great job with this. We also have the ability to add our own custom tattoos to our MyPlayers and we used to be able to add them to our created players which is a feature that should be added back. Again, look at EA's UFC once again. They give us a large variety of tattoos to place on different body parts of our character which not only makes the fighters look incredible, it brings out so much more realism and overall a more pleasing visual experience. Being able to have a sleeve on our QB's throwing arm or having a 6'8" defensive lineman completely covered in tattoos would make the game so much visually appealing and make the experience of creating players again... more fun and unique.
    3) More Accessories
    -One thing that Madden 19 did a GREAT job with is adding new helmets, more cleats and gloves, and being able to put arm sleeves of different styles and length on ONE arm and not having to have it on both. IF POSSIBLE I think trying to get branded arm sleeves from Nike and Adidas, etc. would be a unique feature. NBA 2K and MLB The Show both have branded arm sleeves and other equipment with the ability to pick what colors we want and making it unique and personal. MLB The Show also has a cool feature of adding out players numbers to their wristbands and armbands which would also be cool. Also I see many players in real life wearing loose long sleeved shirts which would be a cool feature.
    -Another feature that would make Madden much more realistic are mouth guards. Some players have them attached to their helmets and others don't but still have cool fang designs and such. Having the ability to put custom mouth guards on our players would also add to a great revamped visual appeal and a new customization aspect.
    -Madden should also make it so players can set certain attire for cold and warm weather games.
    This list may seem lengthy but these features would make Madden Character Creation and the OVERALL visual appeal of the game so much better...
    **I will later be writing a post about some better visual things Madden should have like better pregame scenes, an interactive combine, practice uniforms, etc..**
  • Ea doesnt care....they just want money.....EA could make an amazing game but they never will.....EA wants to give us a false hope that NEXT year will be BETTER.....if they wanted they could make the perfect football game
  • xPats4Lifex
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    Ea doesnt care....they just want money.....EA could make an amazing game but they never will.....EA wants to give us a false hope that NEXT year will be BETTER.....if they wanted they could make the perfect football game

    I agree. This years NHL game was phenomenal... I understand they have different people working different games and all of that but if they can make such big improvements on those games Madden should get a huge revamp.... The game needs a lot of work
  • They can’t use tattoos on real players unless every player has there tattoo artist sign off on the art. I’m not sure how 2k gets around it but if here is will there is a way. I think the NFL has a say In what can be used to replicate there league where NBA is a lot more leaniant. I think they allowed team celebrations to increase tv ratings.
  • Fact! Every tattoo is useable all they have to do is change one thing in the art to make it there own. Besides i thought and absolutely makes sense to me that once that tatt is on your body and paid in full it belongs to you!!
  • kevinnewty12
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    Make ratings matter again!! Player ratings are pointless only thing that matters in madden is the play you choose, that's what determines if it's going to be successful or not, not the players route running or catching or blocking ratings. Make awareness and play rec big factors. If low awareness make players possibly run wrong routes if route running is low make player run too deep or short or wrong route. Catching is pointless even if a player has 60 catching hes catching the ball 99% of time. I'm tired of speed and the play being only factors that determine success. Get rid of scripting and dumb animations. Wr never attempts to go for balls and just quits mid play bc there too busy throwing their hands up while ball is being tipped around or returned after interceptions. Pass rush is non existent unless we choose a certain play or make adjustments. Practice mode actually seems to play like it should when it comes to pass rush when I'm on offense but the second I switch sides and control defense the pass rush poof disappears. Proof that something is scripting gameplay or dumbing down whatever side of ball youre controlling. AI is horrible especially defense. My saftey continually plays too deep while corners dont play deep enough. Every play that has a post route or crossing route is almost unstoppable simply by putting a hot-routed out route on opposite side. Fix rating of draft players. No NFL qb should have below 85 throw power in my opinion or they wouldn't be in NFL. Every wr that we draft has 80 or lower jump and every TE is slow as crap on a hot day. Get rid of ball hawking and lurking tired of LBs leading leagues in INTs and people just running around holding triangle and LBs making highlight reel interceptions multiple times a game while wide receivers look like pee wee football catches. Get back to when we had to time and press triangle at just the right time to get player to catch ball. Get back to basics and fix this gameplay first I can wait on the cosmetic stuff to be updated in patches and stuff but when I buy $60 game I want the core mechanics and stuff to be done. Tired of being EAs game tester yall give us a broken game each year and let us basically test it then patch it off our suggestions. Feel like I should be paid by EA for years or testing.
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    I continue to say this will until they get this right. Why in all 22 view is it raining and snowing constantly but in sideline view it stops?

    The playbooks need a major overhaul. Not only should we be able to put our created playbook into the place where you select the playbooks for your team in franchise, but the playbooks need to be more flexible. Focus more on Personnel than formations. 12, 23, even 00(5 wr) should be the selections then the plays. Example you select 11 personnel next screen should be the plays where 1rb and 1te can be used. Whether that's a shotgun play where the RB and te are lined up as receivers or an I form play with the te in front of the rb.

    Auto subs are antiquated and really don't work. There needs to be a rotation setup where it's done by plays or time. The new power, receiving, and other back thing is pretty close to have a multiple back offense but let's really have one with a rotation setup.

    Created players need to be saved either on the system or in a particular spot in the game. So when you do the weekly roster update you don't have to create them all over again. You can just import them from the ps4 or the spot where they're saved in the game.

    Finally going back to franchise mode when you fire a coach you should be able to hire the oc, DC, or st coaches from other teams. You had this in a prior version of Madden back in the early 00s. Bring it back please.
  • They can’t use tattoos on real players unless every player has there tattoo artist sign off on the art. I’m not sure how 2k gets around it but if here is will there is a way. I think the NFL has a say In what can be used to replicate there league where NBA is a lot more leaniant. I think they allowed team celebrations to increase tv ratings.

    That's ridiculous. One would think that once any kind of 'art' is inked onto a person's body, then that person is the sole proprietor of the art. Idk, just seems silly that some tattoo artist somewhere thinks that they own rights or something to a tattoo they put on someone else.
    What I would like to see in Madden 20, above all else, is AI that discourages or prevents the spamming of cheese exploits. Stop giving the cheesers the ability to exploit weaknesses in the game's programming. It's like they purposely don't address issues that are years overdue to be fixed.

  • I have a few things I would like to see in Madden 20, some things are realistic while others I'm sure EA won't have time for. But it's something they need to look into.

    1. This is the most realistic thing I want to see in Madden 20 offline franchise mode: EA, please scrap the time consuming 32 team control - it's tedious for no reason. Have a single option that allows me to control all 32 teams and then add more options to what I want the CPU to do in-season. Example: You have options to allow the CPU to do multiple things like sign free agents/draft players, however, you don't have an option for the CPU to execute trades? The main reason people do 32 team control is not to completely remove the CPU, but to clean up some of the mistakes the CPU makes (you know, like the Jets signing a high rated veteran to start over Darnold in year 2)

    2. Dynamic weather - heavy rain/snow, light rain/snow, breeze/strong winds changing throughout the game would be nice

    3. Create-a-team - since Madden is now back on PC, I would love this option to return with a ton of features. With the types of PCs out there now that can use tools/software to create pretty much whatever you want, I would love to see artists get involved in this game and create some amazing NFL jerseys for the community

    4. Player overalls - This is probably going to be the most controversial thing I post - if it was up to me, I would scrap player overalls altogether. But, sadly for some reason, people love these and enjoy arguing about how "accurate" these are. I think player overalls are fine for online games, but for offline franchise mode, overalls kill the scouting/progression.

    To better this, I would make player overalls far more based on the coaching staff you put together - I'll give a couple examples

    Aaron Donald - If he was to hit the FA market, almost every coaching staff in the league would view him as one of the if not THE best player in the league. Doesn't mean they'll sign him, but most would view at 99 or close to it.

    Then we have a player like, I don't know, Kirk Cousins - Now some coaching staffs will view Kirk Cousins as an above average QB in certain systems while maybe a few coaching staffs find him to be average or maybe even overrated. I don't want anyone getting offended by that opinion, I'm just throwing a name out there off the top of my head

    I'd also make player traits a little more diverse - and I'd make these traits hidden that you simply have to evaluate season to season through their plays/stats. A player that was injury free in college doesn't mean they'll enter the league and always stay healthy, maybe injuries start to pile on and they become injury prone. Maybe a player hits a peak early in their career and regresses younger. Maybe another player is a late bloomer and really becomes a star 4-5 seasons into their career. Sports aren't predictable, yet Madden is incredibly predictable when building a team.

    5. Injuries - I would like to see player injuries linger longer than a couple weeks. Did anyone see Newton this year? Was having one of his best seasons before his shoulder injury, his play declined and it impacted the entire Panthers team.

    6. Suspensions - I know the NFL may have something to do with this not being in-game, and I'm not asking for a notification to pop up stating "Player X beat his wife! Suspended for season" - I do however think the NFL could get on board with a simple "Player x broke personal conduct policy, suspended for x amount of time" or you can have "Player showed up to meeting late today" and the teams decision to sit the player for a quarter or an entire game could impact team morale positively or negatively like it did in old NCAA games

    7. Player AI - this one is huge. One of the main reasons I haven't bought Madden 19 is due to the fact that QBs act completely foolish in the pocket. I can't tell you how many times I've seen QBs run in circles, run backwards, have an open field and instead of taking off, they throw across their body for an INT - I'm not trying to be harsh, but this is ridiculous EA - Madden 04-12 on PS2 may not have had perfect AI, but pocket awareness was far better. I have similar issue with RBs playing like they are Trent Richardson - if BCV is 80+, why the heck can't they see a wide open hole and instead run straight to a tackler? It's like the animations are starting far too early and it looks like the player WANTS to get brought down....

    I know my list is mostly focusing on offline franchise, but I firmly believe the quality of Madden starts there and that's it's foundation. You fix that, and the rest of the modes come together.
  • because 2k dont own a license to make football games until ea decide to give up the license to 2k but we wont see 2k make football games in the near future if EA care Bout the fans then they should listen and either make madden good and playable again or give the license to 2k so they can gave us more playable franchise mode where its more realistic and great gameplay not to be disrespectful to EA but i say its time that something change or just dont buy madden then probley they will open there eye and and listen for once
  • Ea doesnt care....they just want money.....EA could make an amazing game but they never will.....EA wants to give us a false hope that NEXT year will be BETTER.....if they wanted they could make the perfect football game

    I agree. This years NHL game was phenomenal... I understand they have different department working on each games and all that but if they can make such big improvements on those games Madden should get a huge revamp.... The game needs a lot of work

    NHL is an amazing game this year and has been constantly improving the last few years, I play most of EA games battlefield Madden NHL FIFA Roy etc except NBA live lol NFL Madden is right on top of NBA live I know different department work on each game and non is perfect but madden logic is off they try hard to be different than saying in the EA format example the rating system in most EA sports game like NHL UFC etc are very important compared to madden new cheesy Archer types the exp based on gameplay and experience makes way more sense then these Archer types and game plan upgrades

    The atmosphere in FIFA NHL feel like real games with the chants celebration presentation the weather and arenas always on point NHL

    Due to the no fun league Madden has had to suffer from 05 til now due to the resrections in the game remember when that Madden 05/06 trailer had the X-ray injury that never came out that's all the NFL video game has became best feature removed injuries and overall game play due to the NFL policy

    Hopefully they use that forst bite engine to deliver a muddy feild a pro bowl game the senior bowl practice jersey customization and realistic tackling animations flags all the rules and much more that the users are asking for

    Leave the story mode to battlefield and need for speed
  • If you ask me the whole madden team needs to be evaluated and changed. Heck if this was a nfl team working like this they would have been replaced by now. Lol. This year madden this year!!. Not next not 3 years from now. Right Now!!!!!.
  • I don’t know if anyone has checked out the nectar mod for pc but surely if this mod can give you better gameplay the there is no excuse for EA fixing pass trajectory and player attributes acting correctly!

    As for comment from Coach Dub. They put tattoos in one year but it was just for Kapernick . When I asked why just him Rex said he was the only art they could get permission to use in game. I thought this reply was **** as well. I guess if you can patent dance routine as in the case of fortnite you can patent your tattoo work that’s put in the game. I think it should be up to the player to check off since the art now lives on there body not the artist.
  • Add a game mode similar to pro clubs from madden
  • Franchise mode

    1. Variety of "prime years" for players. Some people make the super bowl and throw for 500 yards at 39. Some are washed up by 23. Every player shouldn't come with the same exact years of greatness and then fall off at 29. Creates a thing where you pay up to 29, then trade them and get high picks and other nonsense, for a guy who's gonna drop 13 points by the season start

    2. Fix contracts/free agency. I shouldn't have the chance to make an offer, see you didn't like it, and make another offer, 55 times to the same person. I also shouldn't be able to see what the next team offered. Going through the lists (also horrible as you click 1 by 1, instead of the regular FA list) I would like to see what HE wants and make an offer. He either likes it or not, goes to another team, gives another day to think it over, gives you another chance to make an offer.... etc.. shouldn't be just going one by one and beating the highest offer by 4 "points"

    Also, where are the front loaded contracts, restructuring deals, holdouts, things that actually make or break your cap and team. Things that effect a 20 year franchise

    3. More information and effect with coaches. Unless a coach has an attribute unlocked, a level 30 is the same as a level 1, except for fan happiness and sales. So the coach doesn't effect the players stats, how quickly they train, moral, nothing else.... unless I buy upgrades.. Well why spend for the better coach then? Where's their coaching record? Stats? Where's the coordinators? Where's the job offers? My team just won 3 SB's in a row and I never have to worry about a team stealing my coach. Or what that does when I lose him.

    4. Stats!! In the offseason, you can't even see what your record was last season.. What kind of nonsense. Past bowl winners, past mvps, past anything... Nope.. Season gone, it's gone. You keep basic player stats and that's it. Yea this man is an 86, but he won mvp the last 2 years. I might want to know that before I trade 3 firsts for him

    5. Relocation overhaul. Same stadiums, same cities, same teams, no commentary on a major nfl franchise moving. Won't even say their names. I can't even remember, do they say rookie names even anymore? Moving your franchise should be one of the biggest things in Madden, as it would be in life. You can't even change your division when moving from Cali to London. Still in the NFC West. Still seeing merch and talking points about my old team and old location

    Just going back, it's really amazing that a lot of this, was already in Madden games. Especially NCAA. It's the same company. They just take things away with no explanation and then tell us it's improving
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